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For on and off-road use: a Scorpion option for every need For summer or winter, rain or snow.

From long stretches of motorway, to the hardest off-road use.
The Scorpion range comprises different patterns suitable for every application.

The most recent addition is the innovative SCORPION VERDE™: the first high performance “green” tyre, specifically for SUV’s and crossovers.

SCORPION™ ATR is the all terrain tyre; versatile in all situations it is precise on the road whilst having excellent off road capabilities.

SCORPION™ STR is for modern SUVs; designed for mainly on road use, but also suited to moderate off-road use.

SCORPION™ ZERO™ ASIMMETRICO, with its sporting performance, is the best choice for changeover and dynamically tuned cars.

SCORPION™ ICE & SNOW is ideal for luxury SUVs when driving on snow; noted for its speed ratings up to 240 km/h, it ensures excellent comfort and driving pleasure.