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Marketing Support For All-New Cinturato P7 A/S Plus: No Compromises

Including an online hub, large media investments and a Facebook contest.

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Consumer Promotion: $60 Rebate + Rome, Italy Sweepstakes!

Now through April 14, Pirelli is offering consumers a $60 mail-in rebate plus a chance to win a trip to Rome, Italy!

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Pirelli 2013 Formula 1 Tires

Pirelli : Softer Compounds And New Constructions More Extreme Performance For 2013 Formula One Tires And At Least Two Pit Stops Per Race A Faster Warm-Up, Lap Times Come Down By 0.5 Seconds, More Thermal Degradation: The Key Characteristics Of The New Formula One P Zero And Cinturato Tires New ...>