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In accordance with the regulations laid down by the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) Pirelli will supply two different types of tire designed for two different types of use.
The first type of tire has been designed for dry surfaces, while the second is for wet surfaces.


PZero numbers

  • 13 inches

    The rim diameter is 13 inches equally for front and rear.

  • 245mm

    The tread width of front tires.

  • 325mm

    The tread width of rear tires.

  • 660mm

    The diameter of dry tires.

  • 670mm

    Compared to the dry weather tires, the wet versions have a 10mm larger diameter.


Dry weather tires, known as slicks, are characterised by a tread pattern that is devoid of blocks or channels. They come in four compounds: supersoft, soft, medium and hard. The different compounds mean that the tires are well suited to a wide variety of circuits, according to the type of asphalt, the number and severity of the corners, and the top speed on the straights. This allows the teams to make use of an ample range of strategies. For each track, Pirelli – in accordance with the FIA - nominates the two dry compounds best suited to the tracks characteristics and the temperature to be expected.


Wet weather tires, characterised by grooves in the tread pattern, are split into two types: full wets and intermediates. The full wet tires can be easily recognised by the deep grooves in the tread pattern and sipes to drain off water on wet asphalt. The intermediates feature channels that are less deep and are designed for damp or slightly wet surfaces, as well as uncertain weather conditions.

The P Zero and Cinturato Tire range. Choose weather conditions

  • Dry tyres
  • Wet tyres



Cinturato™ Green Intermediate. This tire is best suited for light rain or damp track conditions and it disperses approximatley 4.4 gallons of water per second at high speed. This year the Cinturato™ Green Intermediate has a new rear construction but the tread pattern remains the same as last year. However, modifications made to the rear tires in particular have enhanced what was already one of Pirelli’s most successful and driveable products.



Cinturato™ Blue Wet. In 2013 this tire also benefits from a new construction. Like the intermediate, the rear tires have been redesigned to offer more progressive traction and reduce snap oversteer, while maintaining the ability to disperse 13.2 gallons of water per second at top speed: six times more than a road car tire which disperses about 2.2 gallons per second at much lower speed. The characteristics of this tire are now more closely aligned to those of the intermediate.



P Zero™ Red Supersoft. Last year it was the only tire to remain unchanged, but for 2013 it is all new with a softer compound designed to increase performance and degradation. The warm-up has been made even faster this year, thus ensuring that it will be instantly on the pace and offer optimal grip. This tire is ideally suited for slow and twisty circuits.



P Zero™ Yellow Soft. This tire is just over half a second per lap slower than the supersoft, but it is still softer than the equivalent compound last year. However, it has a high working range that makes it suitable for an extremely wide range of conditions, which is likely to make it one of the most frequently used compounds this year. This is the compound that has seen the greatest increase in the working range of its performance in 2013



P Zero™ White Medium. This extremely versatile tire adapts itself well to all sorts of track conditions, particularly when asphalt and circuit characteristics are variable. It is a low working range tire, making it the ideal choice for circuits that are slightly less demanding or have lower ambient temperatures. The new medium tire is not dissimilar to last year’s soft, making it around 0.8s per lap faster than the hard tire.



P Zero™ Orange Hard. The new hard tire guarantees maximum durability and the least amount of degradation, together with optimal resistance to the most extreme conditions. The P Zero™ Orange is ideal for long runs, taking more time to warm up, as well as being suited to circuits with abrasive asphalt, big lateral forces and high temperatures. For 2013 this tire has become a lot softer – and it is now closer to last year’s medium. It is also the tire that is the most visually different compard to last year as it changes color from Silver to Orange.


From world fastest racetracks to your everyday life with the same top driving performance: discover P ZERO™ range.

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