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The result of the development with the most prestigious & premium OEMs.

Combining the work we’ve done with the car manufacturers and the experience of our research team, the WINTER SOTTOZERO™ 3 is the new winter tire developed for the next generation car that allows drivers to enjoy the best possible performance without compromise in all weather conditions.

Experience the WINTER SOTTOZERO™ 3 now, in order to maximize the safety and performance of your car.

1 - Directional double arrows pattern design increases the number of blocks. Higher traction in Snowy conditions
2 - 3D sipe technology Technology enhances tread pattern stability optimising the footprint Improved handling in dry conditions, reducing the braking distance
3 - Higher sipes density Increased snow traction Better grip in snowy road conditions
4 - Wider grooves Improve water expulsion Excellent wet handling and braking performance
5 - Optimized compound Strong consistent grip throughout a wider working temperature range Better grip in all Winter weather condition

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