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“Green Performance” technology means fuel consumption could be reduced and environmental impact limited. But a lot depends on your driving habits. Here is some practical advice on how to make the most of the money saving opportunities presented by the Cinturato.

1) Tire pressures should be checked regularly, especially before a long journey. If tires aren’t inflated correctly, they generate more rolling resistance and your vehicle will consume more fuel.

2) The faster you go the greater the aerodynamic resistance. Consequently fuel consumption will rise.

3) Maintain a “smooth” driving style, avoiding sharp acceleration or sudden braking.

4) Change up to a higher gear as soon as possible.

5) Avoid making the engine labour in low gear

6) Use air conditioning conservatively and, if unnecessary, turn off all electrical services, eg the heated rear window.

7) If not being used, remove accessories, such as baggage and bike racks, as soon as possible, as they have a negative effect on the aerodynamic performance of the car.

8) Avoid overloading the car and remove unnecessary objects from the boot.

9) Don’t start the engine until you are ready to move off and switch it off if you expect to stop for more than a couple of minutes.

10) How long has it been since you had the wheel alignment and camber of the wheels checked? A regular check by a tire specialist will ensure a smooth-running, balanced car: an important factor in saving fuel.

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