Dedicated Supercross competition tyre for indoor arena use where performances on hard “rubberized” terrain is crucial.

All NHS (Not for Highway service) motorcycle tyres are only for pure racing and cannot be used on public roads. Therefore there is no official homologation. Please have a look to the Motocross range and/or contact your local Racing dealer.

NEW front size 90/100-21 is characterized by: turn-in grip, linear behaviour at lean and easiness of handling.
• Tread pattern guarantees stability both in acceleration and braking phase.
• Knobs topped with depressions to increase the number of working edges and to grip hard dusty soil.

New rear size 125/80-19 with lower section height, reducing unsprung mass for bike control in the air; on-track, an enlarged contact with terrain to avoiding sliding effect.
• Compound guarantees chemical grip with a unique blend of synthetic polymers filled with resins and stabilizers.
• Middle and side knobs reinforced with bridges to support lateral forces in turns and to follow required trajectories.
• Stiffer carcass structure absorbs compressions produced by whoops and releases smoothly with a strong damping effect.

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