Started at the end of 2007, this activity is the natural development of a licensing and brand extension project conceived in the first years of the new millennium with the aim of building Brand Equity from the Pirelli trademark. In synergy with Pirelli’s communication activities, PZero, through its own activities, makes it possible to create value around the trademarks of the Group, thanks partly to the large-scale advertising campaigns on Italian and international media, the high acclaim from the Press, and numerous activities and special projects such as Sci Winter Sottozero.

2008 was dominated by the global economic crisis which had a considerable impact on consumption in the clothing and fashion accessories sector, thus further accentuating a trend that had affected the sector for a number of years.

Despite a considerable fall in demand, PZero, which specializes in articles in the medium-high price range, began a process of developing the distribution of footwear and accessories, mainly in Italy to begin with, but with the aim of expanding the business abroad, achieving sales amounting to about Euros 5 million.

In addition to the markets already covered through agency or distribution agreements at the end of 2007 (Spain, Benelux, Switzerland and Canada), in 2008 new agency contracts were signed to cover Russia and Eastern Europe, Germany and the countries of Scandinavia, and, towards the end of the year, to cover France, the U.K., Portugal, Cyprus, the Middle East and Hong Kong.

During 2008, numerous research and development activities were initiated for PZero products with a high innovative and technological content. In particular, the research aims to identify new materials, technologies or functions with special performance that can be rapidly introduced to items of clothing and footwear. What’s more, in the medium term, there are plans to identify innovative technologies that can be introduced to the production processes. All the PZero R&D work is supported by Pirelli Labs and is protected by an effective system of patents.