Company initiatives for the external community

“Group companies encourage and, where necessary, provide support for social, cultural and educational initiatives geared towards promoting personal development and improving standards of living.” (Article 5 of the Ethical Code - Community).

“Pirelli Group supports and respects the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights” (Policy on Health, Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility).

The awareness of its role in promoting the civil and cultural progress of communities where it operates has been a cornerstone of Pirelli’s business culture for over 130 years. This commitment is not only consistent with the principles expressed in the Ethical Code and Group Social Responsibility Policy, but also forms an important part of Pirelli’s strategy of maintaining its role as an international company that is one of the most integrated within the communities where it operates.

This is why the Group organises and backs the protection of human rights and improvements in the living conditions of local communities, from health to education, from art to sport, working with both public and private institutions, local authorities, associations and bodies that are chosen on the basis of criteria designed to ensure their quality.

In 2008, Pirelli made a major commitment to social initiatives in support of needy communities and respect of basic human rights, first and foremost education, healthcare and work.

Following is a list of the principal initiatives undertaken in the various countries where the Group operates:


Present in this country with a production plant since 1950, Pirelli Argentina has distinguished itself over time by its commitment to the local community, which was focused on healthcare in 2008. Pirelli paid for maintenance work in the paediatric ward at the Malvinas Hospital - from painting of walls to installation of air conditioners - to which it also donated new equipment essential for neonatal care.


Once again in 2008 numerous social and humanitarian activities were sponsored on behalf of the local population in Brazil, where Pirelli has had a presence for over eighty years.

In the city of Santo André, home to the historic Pirelli industrial vehicle tyre manufacturing plant, Pirelli supports the “Guri” project, set up in 1995 by the Culture Secretariat of the State of São Paulo for social integration of young people through music. About 48,000 young people between the ages of 8 and 18 participate in this programme, which is based on the ability of music to promote socialisation with an orchestra and chorus format.

Pirelli has financed the Santo André unit since 2004, which attracts 200 young participants for every session. In the city of Santo André, Pirelli supports “Cata Preta” the suburban childcare centre that hosts 80 poor children between 2 and 6 years old from the local area, offering them nursery school education and paediatric care.

In the city of Campinas, home to a car and SUV tyre manufacturing plant, Pirelli supports three educational programmes for youngsters. The first - “Love life without drugs” - involves 31 schools, focusing on reinforcing young people’s personal and social identity to discourage narcotics use. The second - “Os Seareiros” - is a scholastic education and healthcare assistance project for about 120 children between 6 and 15 years old at the Nucleo Madre Maria. The third programme supports AMIC Association Friends of the Child of Campinas, the association that assists 4,500 families in suburban Campinas by receiving about 1,500 children every day and handing out an average of 3,000 food baskets every month.

In the city of Salvador, Bahia State, Pirelli has supported the remodelling of the Casa José de Petitinga, which has been active for over forty years in favour of the indigent population in the historic Pelourinho neighbourhood. The Casa provides needy people with food, medicine, clothing and medical, psychological and dental care, as well as promote educational and social and cultural entertainment projects promoting the neighbourhood’s growth.

At Feira de Santana, which is also located in Bahia State, Pirelli has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Sport and FAMFS - Fundação de Amparo ao Menor de Feira de Santana - for monthly donations of rubber scrap to build athletic tracks for children and youths in various regions of the country. The rubber scrap comes from the Pirelli plant (car, SUV and industrial vehicles) located in the city since 1976.

Guri Project

Santo André, Brazil. “Guri” project.

In the city of Gravataì, Rio Grande do Sul State, which is home to the Pirelli motorcycle and industrial vehicle tyre manufacturing plant, Pirelli finances the “Peteca” project, which supports children and poor children after school.

In Amazonia, the “Xapuri” project continues to operate. It was founded by Pirelli in 1998 in collaboration with the local government to recover the rubber harvesting culture amongst the Seringueiros. After the project in the Acre region, where Pirelli now supports 3,200 families with the purchase of natural rubber that they produce independently, this activity is now at risk in other states in the Brazilian federation.

The “Forest Guardians” project promotes the sustainable development of Seringueiros communities. Pirelli is particularly committed to setting up schools for rubber harvesters and buying rubber in the town of Santarèm, Parà, in collaboration with local and federal institutions. Here the Company supports the Cajoiero school for needy children between 3 and 10 years old who live on the banks of the Tapajòs River. One of the priorities of this school, operated by volunteers, is to promote local culture according to a method that respects the learning pace of every single child.


Pirelli China has recently become a part of the Group’s regional productive activities, but it already maintains active relations with local populations. Social responsibility projects tied to the business are underway in this huge Asian country, such as research on ecological tyres in collaboration with the University of Shandong and the agreement with the Beijing City Government to equip city buses with particulate filters, but also include social programmes. Unfortunately, one of these is connected with the earthquake that struck Sichuan Province in May 2008. On that occasion, Pirelli Tyre China was one of the first companies to offer aid to the local population.

In the scholastic and academic sphere, the Company continues to actively participate - together with the Milan Polytechnic and Turin Polytechnic - in the Politong project, which was initialled in 2006 by the Chinese Ministry of Education and the Italian Public Education Ministry, which will promote cooperation between the two countries at the university level.


In 2008, the solidarity initiatives of Pirelli Egypt focused on aiding orphaned children through the donation of hardware and software and basic necessities at the various orphanages in the region.


In its first year of activity, the three-year programme of medical cooperation between the Niguarda Ca’ Granda Hospital of Milan and the Slatina Hospital, which was signed in December 2007 and financed by the Pirelli Group for the professional training and continuing education of Romanian healthcare professionals, offered a total of 300 hours of training to 25 physicians and nurses. Training activity was concentrated mainly in the Emergency Medicine, Emergency Surgery, Intensive Care, Resuscitation and Emergency Gynaecology Wards at Niguarda. Several medical directors from the Milan hospital also held continuing education courses in Slatina on the use of new technologies and procedures for first aid. In addition to financing this training activity, the Group donated modern medical equipment to the Romanian hospital for diagnosis and emergency care, including an echograph and an electrocardiograph.

The three-year training programme will involve around 70 doctors and nurses from the Slatina Hospital, who will take part in theoretical and practical courses on emergency medicine, emergency surgery, intensive care, resuscitation, gynaecology and hospital epidemiology.

For the younger members of the community, Pirelli, in association with FC Internazionale and the Associazione Comunità Nuova Onlus, has set up a new “Intercampus” in Slatina. The project uses the game of soccer as an educational and social networking tool for the youth of the Slatina community, providing them with fun and effective opportunity for growth and interaction.

Comunità Nuova has been assigned the task of handling the social interaction and educational aspects together with the organisation of recreational and study related activities for the children. FC Internazionale, on the other hand, has been given the task of engaging youngsters by providing them with top-flight sporting and training through its Intercampus.

Inter Campus is backed by the Mayor of Slatina and the Ministry for Youth Affairs, supported by the local physical education high school, and leading public and private voluntary associations.


Present in this country with a manufacturing plant since 1990, the Company supports the local community by providing materials that are useful in various social projects. The Pirelli Baseball School, for example, is attended by over 300 children and teenagers: it fields a total of 25 teams that the Group supported in 2008 by donating the necessary uniforms and equipment, while the famous Tampa Bay Rays baseball team has held three training sessions with them.

Over the past year, nine schools received donations of furniture and equipment from Pirelli for classrooms and offices, while the Company donated shoes and portable PCs to more than 180 children in collaboration with Calzados Russo and Notebooks Caribbean.

Active academic support for youngsters is also provided through the “Scholarship a Talent” programme. For the next three years, six students enrolled in the School of Engineering at Unitec, the technical university in the Aragüita-Guacara area, will study electrical, mechanical and industrial engineering with economic support from Pirelli, which chose the school on the basis of its excellent educational programme.