Health & safety investments and expenditure

In 2008, the most significant health and safety investments were made at Pirelli Tyre, and totalled 11.3 million Euro.

Investments focused on improvements to plant and machinery and, more generally, the overall work environment (e.g. improvement of microclimate and lighting conditions, layout changes to improve operating ergonomics, measures to ensure the healthfulness of infrastructure, etc.). All these activities, for which investments were necessary, were constantly monitored by local and central HSE departments.

These investments were complemented by safety related expenses that are essentially attributable to environmental monitoring (i.e. sampling and analysis, consultancy studies, etc.), the purchase of personal protection equipment (e.g. injury prevention boots, gloves, safety goggles, etc.) and collective protection devices (e.g. better protection of machinery, suction systems and measures to improve the workplace environment not covered by specific investment projects).