Safety management system

Pirelli Tyre S.p.A.

A Safety Management System organised and certified to meet OHSAS 18001 standards has long been in operation in the Tyre Sector (which also comprises steel cord production plants).

Following implementation of the system at the new plant in Yanzhou, China, 21 of the 24 operating units were certified under this standard. In 2009 implementation of the system at the Slatina Tyres and Milano Bicocca (which includes the research, development and testing activities carried out at it in addition to CMP and Next Mirs) sites was planned.

The Safety Management System implemented at the Group’s production units has been developed on the basis of centrally drafted common procedures and guidelines. This has enabled the use of a “common language” within the Group, in terms of the key elements of occupational safety management and a uniform shared mode of operations.

A summary description is provided below of some practical examples of safety management.

  • Safety of machines, installations and work environments

Pirelli decided many years ago to adopt the same standards of safety worldwide for machines, installations and work environments as those in force at its European facilities, which are regulated by specific EU directives.

This decision has resulted in the installation of machines and equipment in emerging countries with safety features that are not required under local law but rather in compliance with European standards.

  • Training activities

The Pirelli Group has always recognised that training of personnel is one of the keys to achieving success in its own business. Specific training courses on HS problems continued in 2008.

Pirelli Real Estate S.p.A.

Partly in connection with the gradual implementation of the Consolidated Safety Act (“Testo Unico Sicurezza”), a series of activities were undertaken in 2008 to implement and monitor the new statutory obligations. A document summarising all the changes with respect to previous law has been published on the Company Intranet and is accessible to all employees.

The extraordinary campaign begun in 2007 to raise the awareness of safety officers continued in 2008, with particular focus on the Group companies whose operations involve high levels of risk (information, training, written designation - assignment of responsibility - of the appointed safety officers, even if not required). Raising the awareness of the safety officers should ensure further improvements in the actual level of accident prevention and safety at work given their role and presence in the workplace.

Prevention and Protection Service

A dedicated, centralised department supervises all Pirelli RE companies. The Prevention and Protection Service continued to provide assistance, information and “proactive control” for the Company’s operating units in 2008.

The Company believes that the best results over time are achieved by increasingly promoting a culture of safety and prevention at the workplace and by raising the awareness of the personnel involved:

  • safety managers
  • safety officers
  • workers

The vast, interdisciplinary laws that are applicable, supported by available tools and sector business procedures or operating rules must increasingly become a part of daily habits so that concrete and effective programmes can be implemented for:

  • prevention and protection;
  • compliance with constantly changing sector laws and regulations;
  • effective involvement of resources at all levels - worker, safety officer, safety managers, employers, and the Prevention and Protection Service;
  • real protection of operating personnel.

Legislative Decree 231 Internal Control Scheme

At the end of 2008 Pirelli RE amended its Organisational Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 with a specific chapter dedicated to safety. The same measure will be taken at Pirelli RE companies in 2009. The model provides a useful reference tool for proper compliance with statutory obligations and promotion of prevention and worker protection activities.

Safety at construction sites (large construction/special maintenance sites)

A control and monitoring system, using specific indicators, for the safety of individual construction sites and compliance with applicable safety laws was set up.

Prevention of undeclared work and social security evasion by contractors/subcontractors

A procedure for identifying and monitoring on-site workers and trades people was established and regular audits of social security compliance of the businesses operating at construction sites are performed.

Projects undertaken in 2008 and main objectives for 2009

The various projects implemented in 2008 include:

  • revision of the system for internal communication of safety issues;
  • establishment of a computerised Safety Diary, which will enable the “monitoring” and “maintenance” of all the initiatives taken to protect individual workers, i.e. details of information provided, training, risk-specific brochures for duties assigned to employees, IPD delivery, etc. This diary will also be used by the medical officer to bring health surveillance into line as much as possible with the actual health risks faced by individual employees.

The following projects are the objectives for 2009:

  • implementation of the internal control programme and reporting of safety indicators to the supervisory body;
  • adoption of organisation and management models defined pursuant to Article 30 of Legislative Decree 81/08 and applied to the individual companies of the Pirelli RE Group;
  • implementation of a first level control system under the supervision of the Prevention and Protection Service Manager (workplaces) and the site manager (construction sites);
  • implementation of a second level control system under the supervision of the Group Safety manager to monitor the performance of the Prevention and Protection Service Manager;
  • implementation of a second level control system focusing on construction sites (as activated by the various customers).

Other Group Sectors / Companies

Pirelli Broadband Solutions

The company is implementing an Integrated Safety and Environment Management System (ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001), which is scheduled for the certification audit in 2009.

Pirelli Labs

Activities in 2008 focused mainly on training according to the typical risks of research activities.

Pirelli Eco Technology

The company, which was set up in March 2008 to make particulate filters, rapidly expanded its production activity and capacity. Risk assessments of the new machinery, production processes and management processes were consequently undertaken. The company implemented an integrated Quality and Environment management system, in order to lay the basis for subsequent extension to the Safety Management system in accordance with Group policy.

Just as has been done at the Group’s operating units, a Safety Management System is being developed at Pirelli & C Ambiente and other companies that was inspired by the Group Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility Policy.

As previously indicated in regard to Pirelli Real Estate, the Occupational Health and Safety System was not formally certified, but it was decided to promote a local development of management systems that might be better suited to the peculiar nature of each site, according to the characteristics and type of activity performed.

At the organisational level, a system of delegations of authority, including spending authority, has been put in place together with local structures to support local safety management.