Occupational Health, Safety and Hygiene

“Group companies shall safeguard health and safety in the workplace and consider respect for worker’s rights as fundamental to the business” (Article 6 of the Ethical code – Human Resources).

Health, Safety and Hygiene Management complies with the principles set out in the Group’s Ethical Code and the Group Policy for Health, Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility, discussed in the introduction to this report.

The text of the Ethical Code and Policy, which have been distributed to all Group workers in their respective languages, is available in the “Sustainability” section of www.pirelli.com.

The various topics discussed below have been divided under “Pirelli Tyre”, “Pirelli Real Estate” and “The Group’s Other Sectors/Companies”, reflecting the varied nature of Group businesses.

For detailed information on the Real Estate Sector, whose performance is consolidated in this report, please consult the Pirelli Real Estate S.p.A. Sustainability Report, which can be found in the Sustainability section of the website www.pirellire.com.