Focus on Italy

Once again, Pirelli has included a specific focus on one of its geographical areas of operations.

In 2006 the focus was on South America, in 2007 on Romania, and in 2008 the choice has fallen on Italy.

Details on certain important initiatives undertaken in 2008 are described below.

Company discounts

Over 200 commercial establishments in Italy offer Pirelli employees discounts, even major ones, on the purchase of goods and services. These range from clothing to electronics, books to gyms: the discounts range from a minimum of 15% to a maximum of 60%.

This benefit for the business community is the result of screening by the Internal Communication Department to select retail offers in the local areas near Group facilities in response to employee request and consistently with the ethical requirements that characterise Pirelli relations with the external community.

The list of participating organisations is available online, on the Group’s Intranet home page. This list is a guide that users can search directly. Constantly updated, it offers employees the possibility of carrying out searches according to merchandise and geographical criteria.

The list is provided to blue-collar workers on factory bulletin boards, which periodically announce the organisations participating in the Company discount campaign. Not just commercial establishments. The discount agreements include one with three theatres belonging to the “Torino spettacoli” association, which is particularly appreciated by Pirelli blue-collar workers at Settimo Torinese, who are the target of an off-line communication campaign.

Open Day

Open house at the Bicocca (Milan) and at Settimo Veicoli Industriali (Turin) for employees and their families who were invited to spend a Saturday afternoon at the Company under different circumstances than their daily work routine. Entertainment for children and adults was offered, from handcraft workshops for younger children to cabaret for older children, as well as original informational and educational programmes designed to improve general awareness of Pirelli’s history and identity.

In 2008 the traditional formula of the Open Day was effectively overhauled in Italy, not only in terms of the originality and wealth of activities offered but also in terms of its synergies with other internal communication programmes and with events and celebrations with ties to local communities, where the Group has deep roots.

Open day

Settimo Torinese, Italy. Pirelli Day 2008.

A photo exhibit on the 100th anniversary of the Bicocca area attracted over 1,000 participants to the Milan Open Day on 24 May, where they were able to “revisit” their workplace in evolution from the early 1900’s to today. This represents a reason for pride for most people, enhanced by the possibility of visiting the most secret Pirelli research sites, which are normally inaccessible.

At Settimo Torinese, the photo exhibit “Places and Faces in a Factory undergoing Transformation” chose factory workers and machines as the factory’s star players. This factory was opened to about 2,000 visitors on the 11 October Open Day, even while production was underway. A tram carried the visitors through the mini-factories of the historic industrial vehicle tyre production plant, guided by the voice of the plant foremen who participated directly in the event. A concert by the Italian pop star Enrico Ruggeri was offered at the end of the afternoon, open also to the citizens of Settimo Torinese, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the official birth of the town together.

Cultural activities in the factory

The factory as a place for encounter with culture: this concept is deeply rooted in the history of Pirelli, revived in 2008 with a series of initiatives to stimulate the cultural training of employees, and particularly blue-collar workers.

At Settimo Torinese, the “+ Libri” campaign increased the holdings of the Pirelli Settimo Vettura Cultural Centre library by 1,200 titles in 2008. Magazines, novels and children’s books purchased by the Company can be checked out for reading at home, including publications in foreign languages (Arabic, Romanian, etc.) to promote the integration of non-Italian workers. A full-fledged Italian cultural centre was opened in June, at the Pirelli Tyre factory in Slatina, Romania. Its library is already active and stocked with hundreds of classics of our literature, as well as Italian language grammar books for foreigners. The cinema to be opened in the factory is currently being organised, and will also be open to the local community in future.

From literature to cinema and theatre: at the Settimo Vettura plant in Italy, the area that is normally used as a parking lot was transformed into an open-air theatre for a weekend in June. Moni Ovadia and Marco Paolini, two of Italy’s most important authors and actors today, staged their socially progressive plays Il compagno Rabinovich and Miserabili - Io e Margareth Thatcher. This programme was appreciated by employees, almost all of whom attended the performances and even expressed their positive reactions on the Intranet.


For the launch of the new Cinturato P4 and P6 tyre, Internal Communications sponsored a competition in January 2008 that was open to all Group employees, entitled “Un viaggio ma, secondo me...” (“A trip but, in my opinion…”). The competition asked participants to creatively interpret the concept of the new product, but it especially solicited the involvement of individual employees in a more far-reaching project of great importance to the Company. Many entries were submitted to the competition secretariat office, including short stories, poems and films by white-collar and blue-collar employees. A specially designated jury selected the best works, which were rewarded by top management at the Bicocca Open Day and then published on the Group Intranet.

Communication campaigns in support of training activities

Training is of fundamental importance to the development of human resources at the Pirelli Group. In order to realise maximum efficiency, special attention was dedicated to communicating these activities in 2008.

This included the “We Work Safely” (“Lavoriamo in Sicurezza”) programme, a project to provide information and training on job safety at the Italian plants of Pirelli Tyre. An educational kit with intuitive graphics and a summary booklet of key themes and concepts was prepared for use by those attending the courses, while reports and interviews about the results of the programme were published in the Italian corporate magazines.

we work safely campaign

Pirelli Group: “We Work Safely” campaign.

Melanoma prevention campaign

With the slogan “We care about your skin,” the Fondo Assistenziale Sanitario (FAS - “Health Assistance Fund”), in collaboration with the Health, Safety and Environment Department of Pirelli & C. SpA, launched a “Skin Cancer Prevention Campaign” at the end of 2007, commissioning the IDE - Istituto Dermatologico Europeo (European Dermatological Institute), a prestigious institute specialising in the diagnosis and cure of skin diseases.

The campaign objective was to raise the awareness of FAS members, i.e. Pirelli employees in the Province of Milan and their families, about the importance of early diagnosis of skin melanoma, by offering a clinical/dermoscopic screening of pigmented skin moles.

The campaign began with the delivery of a brochure to each employee on melanoma and other important tumor pathologies, complete with instructions on registration procedures.

About 5,500 people were contacted during the campaign, including 3,066 employees at the Milano Bicocca, Bollate and Arese plants who were enrolled with the FAS at 1 October 2007, 1,658 family members, including 691 retirees and relatives.

The programme began on 4 October 2007 at the Bollate infirmery, continued between November 2007 and July 2008 at the Bicocca general outpatients clinic, with biweekly examinations during the first phase, and one day dedicated to the workers at Arese.

The screening was carried out on 806 employees and instructions were given for exeresis histological analysis of all pigmented lesions that raised doubts/suspicion during clinical and/or dermoscopic examination.