Pirelli & C. Ambiente

The business operates in the environmental field, in three specific sectors: the production of photovoltaic electric energy, environmental reclamation and the production of high-quality fuel from municipal solid waste.

In 2008, sales amount to Euros 5.1 million (compared to Euros 2.7 million in 2007) with an operating loss of Euros 2.6 million (compared to Euros 3.6 million in 2007).

In the photovoltaic sector, activities were conducted through the company Solar Utility S.p.A., a 50-50 joint venture with Global Cleantech Capital. Development work continued, and various sites were identified as being suitable for investments in photovoltaic systems.

In order to maximize the return from these investments, efforts were focused in the regions of Apulia, Calabria and Sicily, which offer such systems higher productivity because they have more hours of sunlight.

The volume of the initiatives currently in progress and at the development stage is for systems with overall power of about 50 MW, of which 3.1 MW completed and 9 MW in the process of realization in 2009.

Activities relating to environmental reclamation involve the complete management of problems of an environmental nature, with particular reference to the companies of the Pirelli Group and their affiliates. However, the company also conducts activities for external customers, especially in the field of environmental due diligence and energy certification for buildings.

In 2008, the activity of producing high-quality fuel (CDR-Q) was conducted through the associate company I.D.E.A. Granda S.Cons.r.l, which produced about 19,000 tons of fuel from waste. Furthermore, during the year, a new company, A.PI.C.E. S.p.A., was formed, a 50-50 joint venture with ACEA S.p.A. (an important Italian operator in the field of energy) with the aim of promoting and developing projects to produce CDR-Q (high-quality fuel made from waste), to be used in thermal power plants and cement factories in some regions of Italy.