Outlook for the current year

The current year sees company operations concentrated on three main lines of product development: 1) completion of the range for all core product lines and technological renewal of the chipset platforms; 2) expansion of the portfolio in the mobile connectivity (mobile routers, data cards and femtocells) and Small Business (the new IAD platform designed to serve Small Business users with up to 8 voice channels and users connected through SHDSL technology) lines; 3) Innovation with the aim of creating new chains of value through Epicentro™, a new open, modular, expandable architecture for Pirelli CPE software.

From the standpoint of geographical positioning, as well as broadening the company’s presence in Europe, more investments are being made to increase growth in emerging markets, with a special focus on the South American market.

By following these lines of development, the company intends to boost its credibility and competitiveness as a supplier in terms of its range of solutions and its capacity to customize and deliver them in complex projects. In so doing, it hopes to create the conditions whereby it can hold on to its traditional customers, sustain growth based on new customers acquired over the last three years, and develop new markets in geographical areas with a high growth rate.

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Milan Biocca, Italy - Pirelli Broadband Solutions