Information systems

The Information Systems of the Pirelli Group, a fundamental tool for managing the various business areas efficiently and a competitive factor for the Group, are operated and coordinated centrally. The main activities carried out during the year in the individual areas of operation are described below:


Work began to convert Pirelli’s SAP environments to the new release ECC 6.0. With regard to the distributed architecture (APISxp), the migration of Baubecon (Pirelli RE Germany) IT systems to Pirelli standards has been completed. The South American E-mail service has now also been consolidated on Milan. This operation concluded the program to consolidate E-mail. The services in this sphere for the whole Pirelli Group worldwide are now distributed from the sole site in Milan.

New contracts have been signed according to which PSI - Pirelli Sistemi Informativi S.r.l. will provide Data Center services to Prysmian S.p.A. until the end of 2011 and will operate the Telecommunications area until the end of 2009.

Pirelli Tyre

Activities focused on aspects of the geographical extension of the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform, the up-grade of SCM (Supply Chain Management), and the extension of the PVT (Purchasing Value Targeting) program in Purchasing. Work also continued to consolidate the One-supplier initiative and the gradual implementation of industrial systems in factories, the functional extension of the Business Intelligence platform and PLM (Product LifeCycle Management). The new release will be issued in April 2009. On the sell side, the roll-out of the CRM solution for "sales force automation" was completed and the contact center launched at the end of 2007 became operational.

The main aim of the initiative is to improve the efficiency of the sales force in the sphere of planning and making visits to customers, marketing intelligence, the management of campaigns and order entry, and monitoring and directing the various levels of the sales organization (Area/Channel/Sales Managers). With regard to the contact center, new interfaces have been devised so that customer calls can be handled more effectively with the aim of monitoring all the information which is important for the company. The B2B e-commerce website dedicated to dealers and trading was enhanced with a new order entry function to show customers net prices, in an attempt to show greater transparency towards the market. New functions were also added to manage promotions. The new version of the e-CRM system for the management of final customers was released to the markets with a new, more user-friendly interface.

In the area of Business Intelligence, the statistics of the contact centers and the information collected by the new CRM platform were integrated into the central platform. The first "push" function was activated, making it possible to access data about more than 500 users worldwide with regard to orders, shipments and invoicing, updated in real time at regular intervals throughout the day, on PCs, palmtops or mobile phones. In the sphere of Logistics and the Supply Chain, activities focused on the upgrade of the APO-SCM (Supply Chain Management) platform. In Purchasing, the easy-purchasing platform was activated in Turkey, while integration with the HUB of the RNC (Rubber Network) in the U.S.A. for the Order to Invoice process, the VMI (Vendor Management Inventory) solution in Germany and the technical implementation of the VMOI (Vendor Management Own Inventory) system in Romania and England were extended.

sistemi informativi verticale.jpg

Milan Bicocca, Italy - Pirelli Sistemi Informativi

The management solution for the coverage of races (TISV) was activated in several countries and, in the case of the World Rally Championship, worldwide. In the sphere of R&D, work focused on extending and developing the pillars of PLM (Product LifeCycle Management).

For the Mold DB (Mold Technology Management) solution, functional development was completed to simplify the exchange of molds between various production sites. Finally, with regard to the New Omolog Phase (Legal Homologation Management), a module has been completed that will make it possible to share the homologation certificates obtained and EEC Noise Regulation management via Intranet.

Pirelli Real Estate

The information systems of Pirelli Real Estate included conditions to enhance and increase functional coverage and the efficiency of the business systems of the Services Companies, to support the corporate merger in Germany and the recent organizational revisions. In Germany, in March 2008, the process of standardizing and consolidating the ex-DGAG SAP infrastructures with SAP of the PRE Group was completed in March 2008. Subsequently, in September 2008, the project of merging the IT infrastructures of Baubecon with Group SAP was also completed. For the Pirelli RE Agency, various projects were completed with the aim of using the Internet channel more efficiently as a support for business. The business system was revised in order to provide better support for the integration between Agency and Franchising and the focus of the New Agency on the external market.

Internet & New Media

In February 2008, the corporate Intranet was given a new Home Page. The new graphics and associated services attracted a greater number of individual visitors. In December 2008, 8,997 people visited the page compared to just over 5,000 in December 2007. The 2008 survey conducted by the rating agency Hallvarsson & Halvarsson ranked Pirelli’s institutional website fifth on a national scale.

The Pirelli Internet area for the companies in the Tyre sector saw the roll-out of local websites completed. Constant support was guaranteed for the business events and product launches of Pirelli Tyres and Metzeler (Cinturato, Winter SottoZero, Z6, Scorpion and Diablo), in the form of updating the websites and publishing all the content and multimedia material produced. In July 2008, Italian and German blogs of the biking RidExperience community were placed online.

For the Pirelli Real Estate companies, in September 2008, the blogs of the Pirelli RE Agency Loft community were placed online. Furthermore, the content of the Pirelli RE Agency website was given a new structure in terms of Search Engine Optimization, with the aim of making the website more visible to search engines.