The Group's Equal Opportunities Project

In July 2007, the company held an international training day in Milan for the CSR Referents of the Group Affiliates, the Country Equal Opportunity Managers and the HR Managers. The training covered the fundamental aspects of sustainable management, group targets, the international expansion of the equal opportunities project and the associated methods for promoting diversity. Inaugurated by the Chairman, the training day included addresses by representatives from the academic and consultancy worlds and a presentation by the Head of European Diversity of the investment bank Lehman Brothers. The Equal Opportunity Managers were assigned the task of setting out local development plans for the project to be implemented from the last quarter of 2007.

In terms of communication, in 2007 an area dedicated to equal opportunities was set up in the company Intranet to facilitate the sharing of experiences and activities from different countries.

All the employees were also distributed leaflets describing the main contents of the project, translated into their respective languages.

Leaflet Progetto Pari Opportunità

The Equal Opportunities Project leaflet distributed to all Group employees

With regard to training, which has long been recognised as a fundamental tool in promoting the cultural change associated with the promotion of diversity, an initiative was launched in March 2007 aimed at the family of HR managers. During the year, a module dedicated to sustainability and the Group’s Equal Opportunity principles was also introduced into the “Pirelli’s way Joining the Group”, a special course for new recruits, involving over 200 people in 2007.

In Italy, the Internal Equal Opportunities Complaint Procedures were set up and communicated to all the employees in both paper form and through the Intranet. The aim of these Procedures, in compliance with the regulations in force, is to uncover any cases of sexual harassment and/or discrimination in the workplace, allowing employees to directly report these events solely to their Equal Opportunities Manager (thus overcoming the usual hierarchical and departmental barriers). These procedures were put into action once in 2007. The introduction of similar procedures has been completed in the majority of countries where the Group operates.

To monitor compliance right from the recruitment phases with the Equal Opportunities principles set out by the Group, at the beginning of 2008 a control mechanism will be introduced, involving the completion of an anonymous questionnaire by each of the candidates interviewed by the company.

Compliance with the Group’s equal opportunities principles is also monitored through the Group Opinion Survey, already implemented in Settimo Torinese facilities and due to be extended to all group employees during 2008.

As regards work-life balance initiatives, the agreement concluded with the Bicocca crèche in 2006 came into force with 15 places assigned to the children of Pirelli staff. A decision was also made to open a company crèche, to be located in the new building under construction in the Bicocca (due to be completed by the end of 2009). These initiatives accompany those already implemented or underway in the various Group Affiliates.

Concerning the breakdown of the workforce by gender, figures as at 31 December 2007 show around 20% of females (unchanged from 2006) in managerial positions, 38% of females (compared to 36% in both 2006 and 2005) in staff positions and 4% (against 3% recorded in 2006 and 2% in 2005) in the labour group. The dynamics have improved compared to last year, due to specific positive actions implemented to increase female presence from recruitment onwards.

Corporate activities on the subject of diversity and its recognition have included the following:

  1. The Equal Opportunities Project took part in the Sodalitas Social Award 2007, an official award for businesses that have distinguished themselves over the year for the activities in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility. Pirelli received the “Special Mention” Prize within the “Valuing of Human Capital” category “… for having achieved the objective at Group level of promoting diversity in all its business processes and having guaranteed genuine equality of treatment for all its employees in every sector, role and grade, with a positive impact on employment…”. The Project has been also included in the Libro d’oro della Responsabilità Sociale (the gold book of corporate social responsibility), edited by Sodalitas.
  2. Within the European Alliance for CSR, Pirelli made its contribution to the “Workshop on Equal Opportunities” in the area of careers. This generated a toolkit containing best practices for the management of gender diversity, including Pirelli’s Equal Opportunities Project. These practices are set out in key operating procedures aimed at the businesses that have understood the competitive importance of promoting diversity, have decided to put it into action and intend to draw on existing best practices. The toolkit was presented by Sodalitas on 29 November 2007 in Brussels, during the third Marketplace on CSR, organised by CSR Europe.
  3. The Pirelli Equal Opportunities project, judged to be an example of promotion and safeguarding of diversity, was included in the guide Riscrivere il lavoro al femminile (restructuring work to meet women’s needs). This manual of business best practices in support of Equal Gender Opportunities, financed by the Province of Bologna, with funding from the European Social Fund, is geared towards the promotion of female human resources in production. Based on the analysis of a number of businesses, several useful tools have been identified to address the issue of Diversity Management. Pirelli contributed to this “inventory” by providing its experience in the setting up and implementation of the Equal Opportunities project
  4. The project was also presented during the conference Equal opportunities for all in education and at work held in Rome on 21 March 2007, organised by the Prime Minister’s Office - Department for Rights and Equal Opportunities, as part of the initiatives for the European Year of Equal Opportunities.
Libro d’oro della Responsabilità Sociale 2007

The Equal Opportunities Project has been included in the Libro d’oro della Responsabilità Sociale (the gold book of corporate social responsibility)