Environmental Dimension

The Pirelli approach to environmental management

“Group companies believe in sustainable international growth in the common interest of all-stakeholders, both current and future. Their investment and business decisions therefore reflect respect for the environment and public health. Without prejudice to compliance with specific prevailing legislation, Group companies are aware of the importance of environmental issues when making choices, not least in the adoption of specific technologies and manufacturing methods (where this is technically feasible and economically viable) that allow for the reduction of the environmental impact of their operations, even beyond the minimum limits set down by regulatory requirements.” (article 7 of the Ethical Code - Environment)

The above principles are discussed in detail in the Group policy on “Health, Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility”.

The Group includes a wide variety of businesses, namely:

  • The manufacture of tyres for cars, industrial vehicles, goods transport vehicles, buses, motorcycles and steel cord, all produced by Pirelli Tyre.
  • The real estate sector: Pirelli & C. Real Estate.
  • Operations in the telephony sector, with products for photonics and for broadband internet access (non-photonic), used to develop leading-edge innovative solutions for the latest generation of telecommunications infrastructures: Pirelli Broadband Solutions.
  • Environmental decontamination and waste-to-energy generation: Pirelli & C. Ambiente.
  • The development of alternative eco-compatible technologies (i.e. new fuels, innovative systems for exhaust gas reduction etc.): Pirelli EcoTechnology.
  • Research and development in the fields of new materials and optoelectronic components: Pirelli Labs.

Each business, encompassing an equally wide variety of projects, is committed to the responsible management of the impacts generated by their activities, products and services, also through the development and implementation of Environmental Management Systems aimed at achieving certification under the international reference standards and designed to continually improve their environmental performance. The certification of the Environmental Management System involves the Production Units of Pirelli Tyre S.p.A. in particular, which are the most significant in terms of potential impacts on the environment. Nevertheless, all the other Group Companies operating in the areas of design, research, logistics, and services (including the Tyre Test Track at Vizzola Ticino, Pirelli & C. Real Estate Facility Management, Pirelli Broadband Solutions, Pirelli Ambiente Eco-Technology) have taken this route or have already obtained the same accreditation, which is a common goal for all the Group’s affiliates.

In parallel with the definition of specific common guidelines and procedures for drawing up and implementing management systems, the Pirelli company intranet contains a web-based management system for “Health, Safety and Environment Data Management” (HSE DM), implemented and managed at Corporate level by the Health, Safety and Environment Department. This system enables the monitoring of performance and the achievement of objectives for each method of environmental management, and the production of a wide variety of reports required for management and operational purposes. This system – as mentioned in the introduction – has also been used in combination with the CSR-DM in drawing up this report.

Thanks to the Group’s commitment to sustainable environmental management, in 2007 it continued to achieve very positive results in the following areas:

  • Mitigation of the environmental impacts resulting from the Company’s own activities, products and services.
  • Rational use of natural resources and energy.
  • Promotion of a ‘culture of prevention’ with regard to pollution.
  • Conservation, development and appreciation of the territory.

The pages below provide a description of the environmental initiatives and performance with specific reference to the Group’s various business (and the related Companies).