Pirelli and sustainable development

Identification of Stakeholders and approach adopted

The term ‘stakeholder’ means ‘holder of legitimate interests’ in the company, i.e. those (individuals or groups) who have an interest in the company’s decisions, influence its success and/or are influenced by the organisation’s activities.

Pirelli Group adopts a multi-stakeholder approach, which means that it pursues lasting and sustainable growth based as far as possible on the equable reconciliation of the interests and expectations of all those who interact with the company.
In particular:

  • Environment
  • Shareholders
  • Human Resources
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Institutions
  • External Community

The Group encompasses various different business areas, each with their own particular approach to the issues of sustainability. Consequently, relations with stakeholders are to a certain degree heterogeneous, which may be regarded as a beneficial diversity in Pirelli’s ways of listening to and involving stakeholders.

There are many and varied initiatives, activities, tools for dialogue and projects of specific interest to the categories listed above. These are addressed in detail in the following sections, to which the reader is referred for further information.