Sustainability in Pirelli's history

With more than 140 years of industrial tradition and manufacturing experience with the most advanced technologies on an international scale, Pirelli has made a considerable contribution - within the bounds of its abilities and business responsibilities - to the development of products, technologies and management instruments that promote sustainable industrial development, while always pro-actively interacting with the socio-cultural context in which it operated.

Proud of the results achieved so far, Pirelli wishes to respond promptly to the increasing need of communication and discloses the information regarding its sustainability commitment and the company's results in terms of sustainable performance, in light of the ever-growing attention paid by investors to socially responsible companies.


In 1990 Pirelli signs the business Charter for Sustainable Development of the International Chamber of Commerce, the basis for the joint position taken by industrial delegates at the Rio Conference
Launch of Pirelli Environmental Policy and Pirelli Policy for Safety at Work in 1995.
  An environmental management system was inaugurated, conformed to the ISO 14001 standard in 1998.

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Last revised: 24 Jul 2014