Sustainability in Pirelli's history

With more than 140 years of industrial tradition and manufacturing experience with the most advanced technologies on an international scale, Pirelli has made a considerable contribution - within the bounds of its abilities and business responsibilities - to the development of products, technologies and management instruments that promote sustainable industrial development, while always pro-actively interacting with the socio-cultural context in which it operated.

Proud of the results achieved so far, Pirelli wishes to respond promptly to the increasing need of communication and discloses the information regarding its sustainability commitment and the company's results in terms of sustainable performance, in light of the ever-growing attention paid by investors to socially responsible companies.


NOVEMBER On Tuesday and Wednesday, the 22nd and 23rd November, Bilbao, in Spain, played host to an engrossing event, the summit on safety and health in the workplace and, more especially, on safe maintenance. One of the companies able to can claim merit in this connection was Pirelli, which emphasized the importance of HSE (Health, Safety and Environment), thanks to which accidents at work, sickness, and environmental mishaps have been halved. In Pirelli about 20,000 people in 13 countries were involved in this initiative.
OCTOBER Pirelli signed the Corporate Leaders’ Group on Climate Change, the programme originated at Cambridge University with the aim of bringing together the biggest businesses in Great Britain, Europe, and internationally that share the conviction that new long-term policies are indispensable for tackling climate change.

SEPTEMBER Pirelli gave its support to a community building project in Japan by contributing to the funding of so-called mobile libraries that offer a focus for children in areas sorely affected by the earth quake. Thanks to the ‘My Time for Japan’ campaign about 30,000 people have been able to read, browse through, and borrow books through these mobile book-lending services.

JULY he shareholding structure of GWM Renewable Energy II (Gwm Re II), the vehicle which controls the renewable energy activities of the GWM Group, is strengthened. Pirelli Ambiente, through its subsidiary Solar Utility, takes a 16.87% stake in the organization and the Intesa Sanpaolo Group takes a 12.5% stake. GWM Renewable Energy I will hold the remaining 70.63%.

APRIL In a world in which resources are becoming ever more scarce and the population ever more numerous, the common objective must be sustainable growth. The most recent example of an innovative product from the point of view of reduced energy consumption is the brand new Cinturato P1, launched by Pirelli in March.
In the first official tests, the Cinturato P1 made its mark immediately in terms of fuel savings and reduced noise. Still under the “green” profile, thanks to the 15% weight reduction and innovative technological solutions, the new tyre reduces rolling resistance by up to 25% which, in terms of consumption and polluting emissions, means a saving of up to 5%.
MARCH Pirelli signs an agreement with Sibur Holding which identifies the assets to transfer to the joint venture being formed between Pirelli and Russian Technologies, by November 2011, at the Kirov facility, whose current production capacity is over 7 million pieces for the Car and Light Truck sector. A commitment to transfer further assets should bring the joint venture's production to 11 million pieces by 2014. The transfer of these assets will take place against a total payment of 222 million euros, with a commitment shared pro-quota between the partners and a disbursement of 55 million euros in 2011 and 167 million euros in 2012.

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Last revised: 24 Jul 2014