Sustainability in Pirelli's history

With more than 140 years of industrial tradition and manufacturing experience with the most advanced technologies on an international scale, Pirelli has made a considerable contribution - within the bounds of its abilities and business responsibilities - to the development of products, technologies and management instruments that promote sustainable industrial development, while always pro-actively interacting with the socio-cultural context in which it operated.

Proud of the results achieved so far, Pirelli wishes to respond promptly to the increasing need of communication and discloses the information regarding its sustainability commitment and the company's results in terms of sustainable performance, in light of the ever-growing attention paid by investors to socially responsible companies.

NOVEMBER Pirelli’s corporate governance and sustainability are two assets that guide and supplement the company’s achievement of the objectives of its industrial plan and the creation of value. This was reiterated by the chairman of Pirelli & C., Marco Tronchetti Provera, when the industrial plan was presented.
From 2011 to 2013, that is, for the duration of the industrial plan, Pirelli will, specifically, start a new plan of actions for environmental, social and economic sustainability. Pirelli will increasingly use low environmental impact raw materials in its production systems, and processes that will lead to a reduction of over 35% in water consumption and 15% in energy consumption by 2015, with CO2 emissions 15% lower than in 2009. To support the definition and control part of the group’s energy policy, the new technology centre in Settimo Torinese - the most “eco-efficient” tyre factory in the world, will be in full operation from 2011. It will also act as a model for the other group production facilities.

OCTOBER Pirelli is ‘top automotive employer 2010/2011’ in Germany. So says the CFR, the international research institute that provides comparative analysis of hr management and company best practice. Business culture, work-life balance, pay, training, development, career opportunities and innovation management are the aspects examined this year in the CFR study, which praised 25 companies in the automotive sector, from major automobile manufacturers to small suppliers of spare parts. Now in its fourth edition, the study was carried out in collaboration with consultants at Kearney, the CAR (center for automotive research), the university of Duisburg-Essen and the German automobile industry association.

SEPTEMBER At ‘BMWRIDERS’ 2010 held in early September in Formigal, in spain, in the heart of the Pyrenees, Metzeler organised “Safety and Experience”, a round table on the subject of safety, attended by representatives of the Spanish ministry of transport, ANESDOR (Asociación Nacional De Empresas del Sector de Dos Ruedas) and the Guardia Civil.

JULY Pirelli for Haiti. Four thousand Haitian children can go back to school thanks to Pirelli and to all the employees of the Group who joined the “My time for Haiti” solidarity campaign. This initiative, launched last March in all Pirelli facilities world-wide, collected voluntary contributions from Pirelli employees in March and April – the company then added a sum that was double to sum collected. From among the initiatives promoted by Global Compact, the United Nations global forum of enterprises and organisations from all over the world to contribute to the creation of “a more inclusive and sustainable global economy”, Pirelli chose to finance a UNHCR projec. The UN refugee agency has been present on the island of Haiti since the week after the earthquake on 12 January.
JUNE Pirelli Ambiente, the Pirelli group company working in the renewal energy sources field, has signed a licensing agreement with Bosco International, which promotes industrial processes and systems for a sustainable environment, which will allow the Australian company to use Pirelli patents to produce fuel from quality waste (CDR-Q).

MAY Pirelli was again confirmed in the FTSE Global and FTSE4Good Europe indexes: 23 new companies were included in the Financial Times’ list of shares for socially responsible investment, while 5 were excluded. For information: , .
The "Sustainability Yearbook 2010", the most influential publication, on a worldwide level, on company trends and performances in terms of sustainability, awarded Pirelli the title of worldwide sector leader, thanks to its "further significant growth in terms of sustainable performance". The 2010 edition also saw Pirelli distinguished as "Sector Leader" and "Gold Class Company", for the third consecutive year, in the Autoparts and Tyres sector.

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Last revised: 24 Jul 2014