Sustainability in Pirelli's history

With more than 140 years of industrial tradition and manufacturing experience with the most advanced technologies on an international scale, Pirelli has made a considerable contribution - within the bounds of its abilities and business responsibilities - to the development of products, technologies and management instruments that promote sustainable industrial development, while always pro-actively interacting with the socio-cultural context in which it operated.

Proud of the results achieved so far, Pirelli wishes to respond promptly to the increasing need of communication and discloses the information regarding its sustainability commitment and the company's results in terms of sustainable performance, in light of the ever-growing attention paid by investors to socially responsible companies.

Road safety is a priority for Europe", confirmed Francesco Gori, CEO of Pirelli Tyre and General Manager of Tyre and Parts, who took part, in his capacity as Chairman of ETRMA – European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers Association – in the international conference on road safety, held at the European Commission in Brussels on 2 December 2009 Francesco Gori's speech focused on the fundamental role of the tyre, the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road: "Checking the pressure, and the use of winter tyres and approved tyres are among the crucial components for travelling in safety".
For the seventh consecutive year, Pirelli is confirmed in the six-monthly review of the FTSE4Good World and STOXX, the Financial times sustainability ratings that measure company performance in terms of the international standards for economic, social and environmental responsibility. British agency EIRIS, which compiles the tables for the Financial Times, assessed sustainable supply chain management, rules of ethical conduct, arrangements for risk prevention and management, management of environmental impacts and relations with shareholders, among other company characteristics.
Pirelli confirms its leadership in the "green" tyres sector: the revolutionary regional R: 01, that anticipates the introduction of new environmental standards, and the new Cinturato P7, the first ecological tyre for the high end of the market, make their debut. The launch event at Nardò was a Zero Impact one.
JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH Pirelli Tyre is the best tyre manufacturer of 2009. The creation of innovative materials and the development of ecological solutions were the key elements in Pirelli Tyre's achievement of the "Manufacturer of the Year " award. The prize is also an acknowledgement of the success of "iChange" the first zero emission supercar in history, developed jointly by Pirelli and Switzerland's Rinspeed.

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Last revised: 24 Jul 2014