Local Communities

“Pirelli intends to contribute to the prosperity and growth of the communities it operates in by providing efficient and technologically advanced services. Pirelli endorses and, where appropriate, gives support to educational, cultural, and social initiatives for promoting personal development and improving living standards. Pirelli does not provide contributions, advantages, or other benefits to political parties or trade union organizations, or to their representatives or candidates, this without prejudice to its compliance with any relevant legislation.”
(Ethical Code – The Wider Community)


  €/000 €/000 €/000
  2012 2011 2010
Education 714 674 770
Culture 3,523 2,616 1,035
Rsearch 336 703 1.119
Solidarity, Sport 488 1,071 701
TOTAL 5,061 5,064 3,625

(*) The figures for 2010 do not include the operations discontinued during the year that belonged to Pirelli & C. Real Estate S.p.A. (now Prelios S.p.A.) and Broadband Solutions. The figures for 2009 were consequently restated on a comparable basis.

For the correct sizing and proportion of the expense in the various sectors of intervention it must be considered that the data are consolidated in euro even though the sums were mainly disbursed in the local currencies in the various different countries in which Pirelli works, many of which are emerging markets/ developing economies. This is particularly true for the Education and Solidarity categories, for which the amounts recorded, which in absolute terms are less than the amount allocated to Culture, were instead used to finance a large array of development projects in the grant recipient countries. The value relative to Research decreased due to the rationalisation of spending aimed at achieving greater effectiveness and results. 

Last Revised: 11 Jul 2013