"Pirelli bases the excellence of its products and services on non-stop innovation. Its goal is to anticipate customers' needs and meet their demands with an immediate and professional response that is delivered with propriety, courtesy, and unstinting cooperation." (Ethical Code, Customers ).

Customer orientation, a key aspect of The Values and Ethical Code of the Pirelli Group, presumes that Pirelli has a constant and on-going commitment in terms of:

  • comprehension of the market context in which the Group operates;
  • consideration of the impact of the Group's actions and behavior on the customer;
  • exploitation of every opportunity offered by doing business to satisfy the customer's needs;
  • "anticipation" of customer needs;
  • top product quality, as well as excellence of production systems and processes;
  • constant focus on performance to satisfy customer performance and safety expectations;
  • excellence and competitiveness on the market to offer customers quality products and services that efficiently satisfy their demands.

Pirelli is synonymous worldwide not only with high performance, but also safety. Together with environmental protection, road safety is the key element of the Green Performance strategy which inspires the Group’s industrial and commercial choices. Pirelli’s commitment to road safety takes the form of numerous training and awareness-raising activities, but above all is translated into research and the ongoing application of innovative technological solutions for sustainable transport.

Pirelli is committed to consumers safety also through the subscription of the European Road Safety Charter, supported by the European Commission, it aims at reducing the number of road traffic victims. With this agreement, Pirelli has also intensified to number of initiatives already undertaken at international level.

In particular, in order to guide customers’ choice towards higher performance and safer tyres , Pirelli supports specific initiatives in different countries: in Italy, Romania, Turkey, Mexico and Brazil it has implemented training programmes in order to strengthen young drivers’ awareness regarding road safety; in Russia it has organised a driving competition to promote safe driving which saw the participation of more than 300 drivers and 1000 viewers.

In regard to heavy vehicle transport, in 2014 Pirelli Truck continued the activities it had already undertaken in previous years relating to sustainable mobility and road safety. There was a major release on the website,, of the CyberFleet system tutorial, which offered fleet managers the chance to quantify the benefits of correct measurement of the pressure and temperature of the tyres in terms of regularity of wear, fuel economy and road safety. During the year, meetings have also been organised at European level with fleets and dealers, aimed at raising awareness about sustainability in freight transport through the introduction of tools for tyre pressure monitoring (Cyber and FleetCheck systems).

Multiple initiatives in favour of education for road safety also by the Pirelli Motorcycle Business Unit, which in 2014 continued its collaboration with driving schools for the development of practical and safe on- and off-road experience. The following collaborations are worthy of particular mention: in Germany with Action Team, ADAC – Ressort Motorsport, BMW Motorrad Enduro Park Hechlingen, BMW Motorrad Race Academy; in the UK with BMW Motorrad Off Road Skills; in France with ZEBRA, EASYMONNERET, H2S; in Spain with BMW Motorrad Enduropark Aras Rural; in Italy with BMW Motorrad GS Academy.


Last Revised: 28 Jul 2014