Certifications and Management Standards

In both its business and corporate activities, Pirelli integrates Social Responsibility in its management of any issues with social and ethical impact.

In its application of the first principle of the Social Responsibility Policy for Occupational Health, Safety and Rights, and Environment, Pirelli is very active in the field of Management Systems that it uses to improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of its processes and further reduce their impact on employee health, work safety conditions and the external environment.

Pirelli has adopted ISO 14001 since 1997 as the benchmark standard for its Environmental Management Systems.

All Pirelli Tyre industrial, as well as the Vizzola Ticino tyre test track, are equipped with environmental management systems designed for continuous improvement of their environmental performance, certified in accordance with the international standard ISO 14001.

The international standard ISO 14001 was adopted by Pirelli in 1997, and since 2014 all certificates have been given further ANAB international accreditation (ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board: US accreditation service).

New plants are also subject to mandatory implementation and certification to the ISO 14001 standard as Group policy. The activity underlying certification, together with control and maintenance of previously implemented and certified systems, is coordinated on a centralised basis by the Health, Safety and Environment Department.

More information about ISO 14001 Standard

Last Revised: 17 Feb 2015