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Pirelli Awarded a contract for particulate filters by SITA (Suez Group) in the Netherlands

Pirelli Eco Technology, a company in the Pirelli Group operating in technology for lowering pollutant emissions from diesel engines, signed an agreement to supply innovative particulate filters to SITA (SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT).  SITA is a leading company in The Netherlands and in other European countries in waste management. The aim of the initiative is to reduce the particulate emissions from the SITA garbage trucks by more than 95%.

Using this new technology SITA will become a leader in clean waste collection.”We have set ourselves high goals” said Eddy de Jong, Fleet Manager at SITA. “With the filters that were on the market we could not have reached this goal, given that those filters function only with high temperature engines. SITA only drives small distances so the filters had to be adjusted to this.  By applying the Pirelli filters SITA is making its next step in terms of durable waste management.”

New emissions limits are required by regulations from Dutch Environment Ministry VROM. These state that only Euro 2 and 3 vehicles with a diesel particulate filter can access the environmental zones, e.g. in inner cities. The amount of soot produced by the SITA trucks with a Pirelli filter will be as low as in Euro 4/5, depending on the age and engine of the vehicle.

“The choice of Sita” – said Niels de Zwaan, Business Development Director of Pirelli Eco Technology for Northern European countries – “demonstrates how the simple substitution of the muffler and installation of the new Pirelli regeneration filter system is effective in combating particulate matter emissions. Our innovative new technology is available in 40 different solutions for garbage trucks, buses & LDVs, and complies with EU norms in terms of pollutant emissions for all Low Emission Zones.”

Pirelli Eco Technology
Pirelli Eco Technology is the company in the Pirelli Group active in solutions for sustainable mobility and reduction of emissions of diesel engines with the production of Gecam, the white diesel, and Feelpure particulate filters. Filter systems for buses and heavy vehicles already in circulation (retrofit) are manufactured in the factory in Arese in the province of Milan.

SITA (Suez Environment)
SITA is a specialist in the area of sustainable waste management. SITA takes care of collection, processing and/or recycling of many different kinds of waste: common waste, company waste, glass, paper and cardboard. But also: confidential information carriers, hazardous waste and specifically hospital waste. SITA is also active in street cleaning and for soil decontamination, sewer control and maintenance. SITA The Netherlands employes some 2.400 people at 40 sites.

Organisation – SITA is part of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, the water and waste part onf industrial group GDF SUEZ. Due to the merger between Gaz de France and SUEZ to become GDF SUEZ, the water and waste activities were given a separate quotation on the Paris Stock Exchange as SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT.