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Sustainability Channel is the communication channel towards our stakeholders interested in Sustainable approach to the business. The blog is moderated by Pirelli Corporate Sustainability.

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Olimpia: list of candidates for Telecom Italia Board of Directors presented

Milan, 4 April 2007 – Olimpia S.p.A. makes it known that it presented on today’s date a list of candidates for the positions of Directors of the Board of Telecom Italia to propose to the forthcoming Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting called for 15-16 April 2007. Following are the names of the components of the list:

  1. Carlo Alessandro Puri Negri
  2. Claudio De Conto
  3. Luciano Gobbi
  4. Gilberto Benetton
  5. Gianni Mion
  6. Carlo Orazio Buora
  7. Riccardo Ruggiero
  8. Aldo Minucci
  9. Renato Pagliaro
  10. Paolo Baratta (indipendente)
  11. Diana Bracco (indipendente)
  12. Domenico De Sole (indipendente)
  13. Luigi Fausti (indipendente)
  14. Jean Paul Fitoussi (indipendente)
  15. Pasquale Pistorio (indipendente)
  16. Francesco Gori
  17. Lucio Pinto

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