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Pirelli: Production Of First Pirelli Truck Tyres Underway In China

Following the completion of the plant start-up
phase, the first Pirelli branded truck and bus tyres have gone on
sale in China

Yanzhou, 11 April 2006 Pirelli has initiated
production of the first Pirelli branded radial truck and bus tyres
destined for the Chinese and Southeast Asian and Australian markets
at the Yanzhou factory in China, inaugurated last October.

The start of production follows on from Pirellis fine tuning
of the development, production and quality control processes in the
new factory, bringing them into line with those adopted by the
group in the rest of the world.

The Pirelli radial tyres produced in China are based on the
patented zero degrees technology that gives the
product significant competitive advantages in terms of structural
strength and performance thanks to the use of special materials and
compounds that are constantly improved and controlled via
mathematical analyses and advanced testing and trials.

The Yanzhou plant boasts the finest machinery available on the
market and uses the Pirelli Groups most advanced production
technologies. A highly advanced Research and Development Centre
established within the factory will guarantee the development of
products that meet the specific demands of the Asian market. In
terms of professional training, specific programmes dealing with
all the machinery and production technology have been run for the
workers in order to guarantee the highest levels of product

The Chinese tyre market has the highest rate of growth in the world
with regard to transport on rubber and represents 9% of the global
market, with a value of around 8 billion dollars, of which over 60%
is accounted for by radials.
As previously announced, Pirellis objective is that of
conquering a 3% share of the Chinese market for radial truck tyres
by the end of 2006.

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