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Pirelli makes its film debut with J.Malkovich and N.Campbell

The “PirelliFilm” project begins with a series of short films
on the Internet featuring international stars. The first film, “The
Call”, can be seen starting today at

Directed by Antoine Fuqua, the director of “King Arthur” and
“Training Day”, the film was shot over a five-day period in Rome
and required four months of post-production in the United States

Rome, March 23, 2006 – Pirelli Group makes its film debut
with its presentation today in Rome , in the ancient atmosphere of
the Diocletian Baths (400 B.C.), of the first
Pirellifilm (, an innovative communication
project that will take place over several years and consists in the
production of superb short films to be broadcast over the
Created for the worldwide promotion of the Pirelli image, which has
always been acclaimed for its innovation, quality and brand
leadership, this project combines Cinema and the Internet and uses
them as a new communication tool that joins the instruments
traditionally used by the group.
The leitmotiv of all the Pirellifilm short films will be the claim,
“Power is nothing without control”, the protagonist of several of
Pirelli’s famous international advertising campaigns, which will be
interpreted differently each time by international film
The first short film, which can be seen starting today at
, is “The Call”
starring John Malkovich and Naomi
. The director is Antoine Fuqua, who directed
“Training Day” and “King Arthur”. Filmed with a dark, gothic mood
in a mysterious, tempting nighttime Rome , “The Call” is a
breath-taking thriller of just 8 minutes and 45 seconds that
depicts the eternal battle between Good and Evil.
Its “Caravaggio-like” colors and moods are obtained through
skillful photography that elegantly plays with contrasting light
and shadow, blending the chiaroscuro effects of the film, which was
shot last fall in Rome in great secrecy to prevent the project and
the name of its stars to be revealed in advance. It took five days
to film on various locations – Borgo Santo Spirito, the streets of
Rome , and an abandoned warehouse outside of Rome – and 4 months of
post production. Nearly 120 persons worked non-stop on the

Download more info about ‘The Call’ film: the plot, the
biography of Naomi Campbell, John Malkovich, Antoine Fuqua (PDF,

Download the news (PDF, 102Kb)

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