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Pirelli Relativity Challenge Awarded


The Pirelli Relativity Challenge awarding ceremony took
place in Venice today. The prize was won by a Canadian interactive
animation, explaining the complex theory of special relativity.
More than 250 multimedia submissions coming from 40 different
countries participated

Venice, 1 December 2005 – The awarding ceremony of
Pirelli Relativity Challenge (, the
international contest organised by the Pirelli Group for the
World Year of Physics, was held in Venice today at
the ” Telecom Italia Future Centre” . This prize was reserved to
multimedia works explaining Albert Einstein ‘s
special relativity theory in a simple way and in
up to 5 minutes.

Among others, Piergiorgio Odifreddi,
mathematician, writer and scientific communicator, Marco
Tronchetti Provera,
Chairman of the Pirelli Group,
Carlo Massarini, tv presenter and journalist
specialised in new technologies, attended this ceremony.

The ” challenge” of Pirelli was taken by about 250
from more than 40 countries,
that made their best, to explain the centenary theory of the German
physicist, helped by digital technologies. After a century, these
works proved how, the scientific legacy of Albert Einstein, is
still alive throughout the world. More than 40 among
prestigious international universities and Physics
participated. Finalists were evaluated by a
jury made up by Piergiorgio Odifreddi, Konrad
Director of Zurich Technological University,
Fabio Pistella, President of CNR (Italian National
Research Council), the sociologist of science Massimiano
and by the student Maria Nicolaci

The prize worth 25,000 euros was given to the
Canadian contestant Kiran Sachdev, for his work
named ” Al’s relativistic Adventures” an interactive
multimedia animation, in which little Al reveals, in only five
minutes, the secrets of the famous theory of Albert Einstein to
spectators who even receive a certification.

Besides, 5 other special prizes worth 50,000 euros
were handed, thanks to Telecom Italia ‘s
sponsorship: the winners are Alan Boyle and
Clay Frost from MSNBC (USA), the Institute
of Physics
and Fulcrum TV (UK),
Enrico Pizza (Italy), Ivn
and Ins Bonet
(Istituto de Astrofsica of Canaries, Spain) and
Ammu Irvinti, Ngoc Mai Tran, Viet Anh Nguyen Dang, Dallit
Lou Menezes

Marco Tronchetti Provera said: ” Pirelli Relativity Challenge
was aimed at stimulating the scientific world and science lovers,
to communicate through new technologies the important and complex
theory of Einstein: I’m happy that it was taken enthusiastically.
This is the way the Pirelli Group, that has always been on the
front line for science innovation and development, chose to
celebrate the World Year of Physics. At the same time, we wanted to
go towards the common desire to know the great phases of human
thought and scientific progress, especially among the youth. We
believe that acquisition and communication of knowledge, thanks to
digital technologies’ contribution too, are fundamental to make our
society grow” .

The Pirelli Relativity Challenge award ceremony has been webcast
throughout the world in the context of the great international
event of the solemn close of the World Year of Physics, organized
by CERN (European Organization for Nuclear
Research) of Geneva, and entitled ” Beyond Einstein” , and which
has connected today major scientific institutions, research
centers, universities and Physics labs.

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