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Pirelli Calendar Set To Take Moscow By Storm

First exhibition of “The Cal” 40th anniversary opens at
prestigious Fashion & Style in Photography International

Moscow, 14 March 2005 -The Pirelli
Calendar will star as guest of honour at the prestigious
Fashion & Style in Photography festival which opened
this evening at the Maly Manege museum in the heart of Moscow,
attended by top Italian and Russian politicians and diplomats.
After conquering Rio de Janeiro and New York, “The Cal” is now
ready to take Moscow by storm at one of Russia’s most important
photography events. The unique new exhibition is devoted to the
legend’s first 40 years.

The exhibition includes 232 shots illustrating all the most
significant stages in the history of the calendar. The fairy tale
starts in 1964 with the issue created by Robert Freeman, the
Beatles’ portraitist, and goes through more than 40 years, all the
way up to the present day “Ipanema Girls” by Patrick Demarchelier,
the symbol of the 2005 edition. A collection of pictures that over
the years have created the Pirelli Calendar legend, turning it into
a cultural phenomenon, providing cultural evidence of changing
tastes, of passing fashions and the development of contemporary
society. “The Cal” 2005, now unveiled to the Russian public, takes
the Calendar into its 31st edition, with works by 26 photographers,
seven of whom have granted an encore, and three of whom are women
(Sarah Moon of France in 1972, and Americans Joyce Tennyson in
1989, and Annie Leibovitz in 2000).

The pice de rsistance of “The Cal” show in
Moscow is the display for the first time in
their entirety and all together of the
“historic” years 1995 (“The Four Seasons”) and 1997 (“Women of the
World”), created by Richard Avedon in his New York studio. This is
the tribute that Pirelli has decided to dedicate to the late great
photographer, who through his art made such a significant
contribution to the recent success of The Cal. The 1995 edition
portrays the four seasons as portrayed by the beauty of Farrah
Summerford (spring), Naomi Campbell (summer), Christy Turlington
(fall) and Nadja Auermann (winter). 1997 is dedicated to the
“wonder of being a woman”, with 24 portraits illustrating feminine
beauty in various countries around the world.

With the Fashion & Style festival in Moscow organised
by Olga Sviblova, chief of the Art and Culture government
organisation and director of the Museum of Photography, the tenth
Pirelli Calendar Exhibition the first for the
40th anniversary returns to the international
stage after the success in Tokyo in 2001. The exhibition made its
debut in 1997 in Palazzo Grassi in Venice, before going on to Milan
(Palazzo Reale), Genoa (Palazzo Ducale), Monte Carlo
(Casin), Brussels (Muses Royaux d’Art e
d’Histoire), Paris (Carousel du Louvre), Buenos Aires (Palais de
Glace) and Sao Paulo (MASP).

The secret of success

The secret of this enduring success involves a whole series of

- first of all it comes as a result of the work of
great interpreters of our age, who are given the greatest freedom
of expression. The artists’ choices come from discerning, unceasing
and continuous research that is renewed each year. Through their
work, each photographer interprets the mood and style of their own

- The female stars are a sweeping and fascinating representation of
the world of women, interpreting and defining a new concept of
beauty each year. The list of famous women portrayed (or those who
made a name through The Cal) is never-ending: Milla Jovovich,
Natalia Vodianova, Lauren Bush. Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova,
Letitia Casta, Monica Bellucci, Carr Otis, Cindy Crawford
to name but a few.

- The Calendar is not a commercial product for sale, but is
carefully distributed by Pirelli to leading contacts in the world
of politics, industry and culture at national and international
level. All this has led to its becoming a cult object among
enthusiasts and collectors right round the world. Prestige papers
such as The Sunday Times periodically publish estimates
and prices for the issues considered to be the most

A history

The history of the Pirelli Calendar consists of three main

- from 1964 to 1974: the calendar was launched as a
corporate gadget and became an exclusive gift for customers. The
photographers included Harri Peccinotti, Brian Duffy and Peter
Knapp, the young models portrayed the desires and passions of their
age, and the locations were mainly distant, exotic localities
designed to make one dream. But this dream was abruptly broken off
in 1974 with the coming of the oil crisis, the worldwide economic
recession and the wars of those years.

- from 1984 to 1994: revival and development. Prominence was now
given not only to the woman but also to the product (tyres), always
discreetly and indirectly (a shadow on the water, a mark on the
sand, ruffles in a lavish dress). Historically, this was a period
of regeneration and recovery, with new discoveries and new riches -
as conveyed by the Calendar: the locations were the luxuriant
beaches of the Bahamas, elegant catwalks, the studios of great

- from 1994 to 2005: an about-turn came when the Cal reflected a
change of direction in top management. The Calendar matured,
becoming an object of pure glamour and desire. The women were the
most famous top models, the locations the most beautiful and
prestigious in the world: places like the Seychelles, Rio de
Janeiro, Hollywood, the Amalfi coast. And the dream

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