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Shareholders' Meeting Called

In the Agenda the Capital Increase for an Amount up to
Approximately 1.080 milioni Million di Euros

Milan, December 2004 – As announced on 7
December, Pirelli & C. SpA informs that the Shareholders’
General Meeting is to be held in viale Sarca 214 – Milan on 20
January 2005 at 10:30am hours in first call and, if necessary on
21 January 2005 at 10:30am hours in second call

In the agenda of the ordinary meeting the appointment of two
Directors and/or the reduction of Directors’ number; in the agenda
of the extraordinary meeting the capital increase as announced on 7

Documents relating the Shareholders’ Meeting will be publicly
available in Borsa Italiana SpA and in Company’s registered office
starting 4 January 2005 . As usual, such documents will also be
made available on Company’s web site

Download the Press Release (PDF,
175 Kb)