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Pirelli presents new tlc systems at ECOC

    ECOC 2003 (RIMINI, 22-24 SEPTEMBER)

Rimini (Italy), 22nd September 2003 Pirelli
launches its next generation telecom equipment at the ECOC
European Conference on Optical Communication – taking place in
Rimini, Italy from September 22nd to 24th. Pirelli is showing its
new products systems, modules and components based on the
advanced research of Pirelli Labs in its own stand 615.

Pirelli pioneered photonics and drove the evolution of Optical
Communications in early 90s, with the first EDFA developed and the
first DWDM systems installed in operators’ live networks. Pirelli
is now on the road again, and is ready to play a leading role in
the future of Telecommunications.

With innovative ideas and state of the art technology, Pirelli
develops products supporting its customers to pursue the key
economic targets of optimizing investment, speeding up time to
revenue and increasing profitability.

We are very proud to introduce our new solutions just 18
months after Pirelli Labs were established stated
Giorgio Grasso, Chief Executive Officer of Pirelli Labs. Our
trials have given us very positive feedback and the interest shown
by prospective customers testifies that we are moving in the right
direction: flexibility, speed and low costs for next generation
optical networks, added Mauro Sacchetto, CEO of Pirelli
Telecom Systems.

Pirelli tunable optical components (laser, OADM) boast superior
performance while the adoption of Nanotechnologies allows
unprecedented compactness. These are fundamental bricks in the
building of new networks, whose characteristics (flexibility, easy
reconfigurability, fast provisioning) support operators in reducing

Pirelli Metro systems, while slashing down operator’s capital
expenditure (thanks to CWDM adoption and innovative architecture),
offers a carrier class equipment, with networking features
exploitable in Metro Access as well as in Metro Core scenarios.
Pirelli portfolio of access modules and systems opens the way for
new broadband services, the engine for increasing the operators’

In particular, Pirelli introduces new Pirelli Dynamically
Tunable Laser, a CW external cavity laser for advanced optical
network systems. It provides high output optical power
and wavelength tunability over a wide band range with very high
spectral purity and frequency stability. These characteristics make
Pirelli DTL ideally suitable for applications that spread from
Metro to Ultra Long Haul transmission systems at 2.5 Gbit/s, 10
Gbit/s and beyond. Pirelli DTL is designed to provide fast
switching on the ITU-T 50 GHz channel grid. No wavelength locker is
needed to achieve frequency stability compatible with 25 GHz DWDM
channel spacing.

Among its new modules, Pirelli presents Radio Over Fiber (ROF)
technology based modules, that enable the transmission of radio
signals directly over optical fiber. The application of this
technology to wireless networks allows the remotization of the
radio frequency (RF) processing part, or Antenna Units (AU), from
the related base band (BB) processing part, or Base Station (BS),
with the following main advantages for the Mobile Operator during
the deployment of a new network. The Pirelli ROF product line is
intended to enable the remotization through optical fiber of the
Antenna Unit from the related Base Station of an UMTS (3G) wireless
communication system. It is based on a self-contained electro-optic
module to be integrated inside the UMTS equipment of the system
vendor in order to provide the ROF remotization function.

Finally, Pirelli is presenting its new P-MAS system, targeted to
cope with the issues of metropolitan scenarios, where synchronous
traffic (like the voice telephony) and
asynchronous (or packet, as IP) traffic are present and mixed.
P-MAS provides the Layer 1 CWDM multiplexing and transport
functionality (transponder) over an optical fibre support to
digital client signal of different protocol and bit rate. The
typical applications is the fibre capacity increase in the Metro
area with transport of client protocols like SDH STM-4/STM-16
and/or Sonet OC-12/OC-48 (up to 2.7 Gb/s), Gigabit Ethernet, ESCON,
Fiber Channel, etc. Metro (access and core) rings and ring or
point-to-point customer premises (CPE) are the main applications
for the P-MAS products. Traditional metro access and enterprise
networks (based on TDM technology) suffer from some serious
technical limitations: TDM networks in fact rely on very costly
network timing provisions and are extremely bandwidth-inefficient
and restrictive in supporting a diverse array of end-user


Pirelli is a global producer of Tyres, Energy and
Telecommunication Cables and Systems. With more than 34,000
employees, 77 production sites, and total sales of 6.311 billion
Euros at 31st December 2002, Pirelli is one of the worlds
leading companies. Active also in the Real Estate sector through
the subsidiary Pirelli & C. Real Estate, Pirelli focuses its
R& D, production resources and competencies on leading-edge
technologies, as demonstrated by the advanced Pirelli Labs in the
photonics and new materials fields and by MIRS Modular
Integrated Robotized System for tyres production. In 2001 Pirelli
also acquired a stake in Telecom Italia, one of the European
largest telecommunication groups, through the vehicle Olimpia, in
which it has a 50.4% shareholding.

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