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Most powerful Submarine Link

Milan, February 19 2001 – Pirelli Submarine Telecom Systems
will install the first repeaterless 10 Gigabit per second submarine
telecommunication link ever built in the Mediterranean: ALPAL-2, a
320km high- capacity connection between Algiers and Palma de
Mallorca, that will be realized together with Algeria Telecom,
Telefonica, Telecom Italia and France Telecom.

“We are proud to offer the strongest and most efficient
unrepeatered DWDM Submarine system available in the Mediterranean
region”, said Carlo Mazzantini, CEO of Pirelli Submarine Telecom
Systems worldwide.

A “repeaterless” telecom system, applicable in the presence of
short-medium lengths such as in this case, is based on a direct
fiber optic cable connection without submarine amplifiers, usually
needed on longer distances for, precisely, amplifying and repeating
the signal. The Algiers-Palma system is based on 10 Gb/s DWDM
(Dense Wave Division Multiplexing) technology and has a maximum
capacity of the 160 Gigabit per second. ALPAL-2 will provide a
direct, ultra-fast and fully reliable connection between Algeria
and Spain, and from there to the existing European telecom

Every year, the industry’s demand models show a doubling of
capacity requirements. This includes today’s corporate enterprise
networks, the Internet, on-line service networks, digital pay TV
and cellular network backbones. Pirelli’s state of the art
solutions help to end capacity constraints for all of today’s
voice, data, image and video networks. For the new ALPAL-2
connection, Pirelli will deliver a “future-proof” technology: an
“open architecture” system specifically designed to integrate DWDM
technology with existing and future telecom systems (i.e. SDH based

Pirelli Submarine Telecom Systems is a world leader in turn-key
submarine telecommunication systems for repeaterless and repeatered
systems, for which it has developed its own technology capabilities
and can count on dedicated manufacturing units for all the
submarine systems components.

For further information:
Ivan Domp
Pirelli Press Office
Tel. +39 02 85354270

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