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New venture for Pirelli

A four-year investment plan of 150 billion liras for companies
wanting to outsource information systems and e-business

Milan, December 14, 2000Pirelli,
EdisonTel (Gruppo Edison) and Gruppo Intesa, with
Bain Cuneo and Gruppo Camozzi, have reached an
agreement for the creation of a new information services and
consulting company dedicated to small and medium-sized companies
wanting to outsource their information systems and Internet

The new company will operate as a Full Service Provider offering
connection, housing, hosting, development and management of
application systems, also in ASP mode, and consulting aimed at
supporting companies’ entrance into the “net economy”. The company
will leverage on specific experiences and expertise of all
partners: EdisonTel will provide the connection and ISP -
both basic and value-added – services; Pirelli will provide
its experience in integration services ERP and in ASP, database and
groupware services, along with Gruppo Camozzi. Gruppo
will offer financial products and support commercial
activity, while Bain Cuneo will offer consulting

Quotes in the venture are so composed: Pirelli 30,3%,
EdisonTel (Gruppo Edison) 30,3%, Gruppo Intesa 25%,
Bain Cuneo via the Bain Lab incubator 10%, Camozzi

According to the partners’ forecasts, the potential customer
base in Italy is about 150,000 (among the over 3.5 million small
and medium-sized companies). But the company is also considering a
global approach, with focus on Spain, Brazil and Turkey, where also
local partners could participate.

In Italy, activity will begin next year with the creation of
data centers first in Milan and then in Rome and a four-year
investment plan of 150 billion liras. Within 18 to 24 months of the
launch, the group will also consider widening the shareholder base
and a listing on the Nuovo Mercato. The agreement is subject to the
attainment of all eventual necessary authorizations.

For further information:
Fabio Magrino
Chief Press Officer
Gruppo Pirelli
Tel: 02-85354270

Gianluca Comin

External Relations
Director Montedison
Tel: 02-62705812/

Gabrio Gelmi

Press Office
Banca Intesa
Tel: 02-88443819

Noris Morano

Studio Noris Morano
For Bain Cuneo
Tel: 02-76004736-45

Davide Greco

For Gruppo Camozzi
Tel: 02-86465196

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