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Burns takes historic home hat-trick!


Richard Burns clinched a hat trick of three successive victories
on Rally GB but was denied the World Rally Championship by second
placed Marcus Gronholm. The Subaru-Pirelli driver gave Pirelli its
117th World Championship rally win and the fifth win for Subaru on
this event. Only two other drivers (Erik Carlsson and Timo Makinen)
have ever won three Rally GBs in succession although Subaru-Pirelli
driver Colin McRae did take three consecutive wins between
1994-1997 broken only by the non-championship 1996 event.

Pirelli is also celebrating Manfred Stohl’s win in Group N that
has secured for the Mitsubishi-Pirelli driver this season’s Group N
World Championship. Stohl’s only rival was reigning four-time
champion Gustavo Trelles (also Mitsubishi-Pirelli). Mitsubishi has
won Group N on every round of this year’s championship, 10 times
with Pirelli, thanks to Stohl, Trelles, Uwe Nittel, Gabriele Pozzo,
Claudio Menzi and Gianluigi Galli.

Throughout this event the Pirelli KM6 pattern and compound has
been the tyre of choice, performing superbly in the treacherous

Although narrowly beaten for the Drivers’ Championship this
year, Pirelli can look back on a highly successful season.
Highlights have been the 1-2-3 result for Burns, Kankkunen
(Subaru-Pirelli) and Didier Auriol (SEAT-Pirelli) on the Safari
Rally where victory was achieved without a single puncture despite
the decision to run without the EMI anti-deflation system. After
the 4 victories on this year gravel events, we must also reflect
with satisfaction on the continuing improvements to our asphalt
range of PZero tyres that proved so effective in Catalunya and on
subsequent events. It should be noted that Burns was by far the
fastest driver of the year, winning more Stages than any of his

Although the 2000 season is now over, preparations for 2001
begin in two days’ time as Monte Carlo Rally testing gets under way
in Spain. While Pirelli is sad to lose SEAT-Pirelli from the World
Rally Championship because of their retirement at the end of this
year, Pirelli is equally excited to gain Ford as technical partner
alongside a continuing liaison with Subaru-Pirelli in a fresh
long-term agreement.

FINAL STANDING (17 SSs totally)

: 1. Burns (Subaru-Pirelli) 3h43m01.9 ; 2. Gronholm (Peugeot),
+1m05.6; 3. Makinen (Mitsubishi) +1m15.0; 4. Sainz (Ford) +1m33.5;
5. Kankkunen (Subaru-Pirelli) +1m46.9; 6. Delecour (Peugeot)
+1m48.5; 7. Martin (Toyota) +3m24.4 ; 8. Panizzi (Peugeot) +3m35.6;
9. Auriol (SEAT-Pirelli) +4m27.4; 10 Rovanpera (SEAT-Pirelli)


Drivers: 1. Gronholm pt.65 (World Champion); 2. Burns 60; 3.
Sainz 46; 4. McRae 43; 5. Makinen 36; 6. Delecour 24; 7. Panizzi
21; 8. Kankkunen 20; 9. Rovanpera 7; 10. Solberg 6; 11. Auriol,
Loix, Arai and Eriksson 4; 15. Gardemeister and Radstrom 3; . . .
Manufacturers: 1 Peugeot pt.111 (World Champion); 2 Ford 91;
3 Subaru-Pirelli 88; 4 Mitsubishi 43; 5 SEAT-Pirelli 11; 6 Skoda
and Hyundai 8. Group N: 1 Stohl pt.75 (World Champion); 2
Trelles 64; 3 Pozzo 22; 4 Paasonen 21; 5 Menzi and Ferreyros 17; 6
Galli 14; 8 Campos 13; 9 Pykalisto 12; 10 Sanchez and Nittel 10; .
. .

Cardiff, November 26, 2000