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Burns takes title fight to home event

Richard Burns scored 2nd place on the Australia rally despite a
dramatic final day charge that led to a last stage shoot-out, but
goes to the Rally GB ready to bid for his first World Championship
crown. The Englishman faces a tough challenge if he is to beat
series leader Marcus Gronholm, 1st in Australia after rally winner
Makinen was excluded from Telstra Rally Australia after scrutineers
found irregularities in the turbocharger of the winning Mitsubishi.
But on his home rally Burns is the pace-setting driver. “No one
could even get close to him in Britain last year,” said
Subaru-Pirelli team mate Juha Kankkunen…

Rally Australia 2000 proved to be more about tactics than
outright performance and this proved to be a frustration on many
occasions. The problems created by the cleaning effect of the
unique “ball bearing” surface in Western Australia forced drivers
to artificially pace themselves in order to get favourable start
positions. Bizarrely this problem was not so significant on final

Pirelli, whose PZero range of gravel tyres (K and KM patterns
were mainly used) performed perfectly over the whole event, is
still involved in three FIA championship bids. While Burns takes on
Gronholm for the Drivers’ title, the Spike Subaru team has also
used Pirelli tyres during its FIA Teams Cup campaign, as have
Manfred Stohl and Gustavo Trelles (both Mitsubishi-Pirelli) who are
the only drivers left in the Group N contest. 2000 FIA Asia-Pacific
and five-time Australian Champion Possum Bourne added the
Australian Manufacturers Championship to the Subaru-Pirelli success

FINAL STANDING (21 SSs totally):

1. Gronholm (Peugeot); 2. Burns (Subaru-Pirelli); 3. Delecour
(Peugeot); 4. Eriksson (Hyundai); 5. Laukkanen (Ford); 6.
Gardemeister (SEAT-Pirelli); 7. Bourne (Subaru-Pirelli); 8. Panizzi
(Peugeot); 9. Auriol (SEAT-Pirelli)

RALLY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (after 13 out of 14 events)


1. Gronholm pt.59; 2. Burns 50; 3. McRae and Sainz 43; 5. Makinen
42; 6. Panizzi 23; 7. Delecour 22; 8. Kankkunen 18; 9. Rovanpera 7;
10. Solberg 6; 11. Auriol, Loix, Arai and Eriksson 4; 15.
Gardemeister and Radstrom 3; . . .


1. Peugeot pt. 104; 2. Ford 88; 3. Subaru-Pirelli 76; 4. Mitsubishi
39; 5. SEAT-Pirelli 9; 6. Skoda 8; 7. Hyundai 7

Group N:

1. Stohl pt.65; 2. Trelles 64; 3. Pozzo 22; 4. Paasonen 21; 5.
Menzi 17;. . .

NEXT EVENT: Great Britain (gravel), dal 22 al26

Perth (Australia), November 12, 2000