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Pirelli at the Acropolis Rally

Milan, June 3rd, 1999 – The Acropolis Rally is here again,
together with the toughest special stages in the entire World Rally
Championship. Four days of rallying, three legs, all in the north
of the town chosen for the new rally headquarters: Agii Theodori,
west of Athens towards the Peloponnese. This will be the scene for
the ninth round of the World Rally Championship which takes place
from Sunday 6th to Wednesday 9th June.

Pirelli arrives in Greece after its superb victory two weeks ago
on the gravel roads of Argentina, where the tyre structural
innovations and the latest evolution version of the EMI
anti-deflation system helped give a major boost to the
competitiveness of the Subaru Impreza Wrc. The PZero range of
gravel tyres for the Acropolis revolves mainly around the search
for maximum resistance, due to the proverbial harshness of the
Greek roads. Taking into account the considerable experience, often
successful, accumulated on the Greek special stages, Pirelli has
been preparing for the Acropolis Rally with its two official teams,
Subaru and Seat. Intensive testing on gravel has led to a range of
tyres being prepared for the Acropolis, which is full of
innovations on a compound and structural level, as well as to the
confirmation of the advanced EMI anti-deflation system which gave
excellent results in South America.

Two Subaru Impreza Wrc, on Pirelli tyres, have been entered for
the Greek event, for Burns-Reid and Argentina winners
Kankkunen-Repo. There will also be two Seat Cordoba Wrc-Pirelli for
Liatti-Cassina and Rovanpera-Pietilainen. In addition, Pirelli will
also be supplying tyres to the Mitsubishi GrN of three-times world
champion Gustavo Trelles from Uruguay, the Omani driver Hamed Al
Wahaibi and Manfred Stohl from Austria.


Legs 3
Special Stages 21
Tyre Changes 10
Stage Distance (kms) 413.0
Total Distance (kms) 1400.9


On the difficult and harsh Greek gravel terrain, Pirelli will be
present with a PZero range of more than 2000 tyres, aimed chiefly
at providing maximum resistance for the high speeds reached in the
stages. This characteristic of the Acropolis Rally is particularly
critical due to the extremely hard road surfaces. But the search
for maximum reliability together with high-level performance is not
limited to the characteristics of the tyres, which will be fitted
(for the official teams) with the latest ‘evolution’ version of the
EMI anti-deflation system for gravel tyres that proved its worth on
its debut event at Rally Argentina. New, revolutionary materials
and a different technology characterise the new EMI gravel tyres,
which now guarantee greater stability at increased temperatures and
stress, as well as better resistance at higher speeds.

This is the PZero range of gravel tyres for the Acropolis with
relative sizes and characteristics:

K 205/65-15 size

Two different configurations: K20, two different ‘evolution’
versions with hard compound, ideal for dry surfaces and high
working temperatures, can be further grooved for sandy surfaces;
K40, intermediate compound for mixed surfaces, can be grooved for
sandy or damp-wet surfaces.

KC 205/65-15 size

Wide tread and ‘fuller’ pattern than K tyre. Ideal for use on hard,
‘dirty’ road surfaces. Together with structural innovation seen in
Argentina on the KM tyre, the KC will be available in two different
compounds: level 2 and level 3, respectively harder and not so

XR 225/55-15 size

Ideal on extremely hard and ‘clean’ surfaces: maximum performance
in acceleration, cornering and braking. Same structural innovation
as for the KC tyre. Two compound ‘steps’ available: level 2 and
level 3, respectively harder and softer.