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Argentina win takes Pirelli, Burns & Subaru further ahead in world championship

CORDOBA (Argentina), May 14, 2000 – Richard Burns
completed a dominant victory on the Argentina Rally today to
further extend his, Subaru’s and Pirelli’s lead in the World Rally
Championship. Burns set fastest time on each of the first three of
today’s six stages to open up a 40s advantage over his closest
rival and was then able to ease off and secure the win without
taking unnecessary risks (except… winning by far the 22nd and
last Stage) on some of the championship’s toughest Stages. The
result gives Pirelli its 116th WRC victory, 30 of which have been
achieved through our long-standing technical partnership with
Subaru. This one is also the 3rd consecutive win of Subaru-Pirelli
oh gravel after the ones in Kenya and Portugal.

Burns and team mate Juha Kankkunen used the KM pattern of
Pirelli’s PZero gravel tyre range throughout the event (soft
compound KM6 today) with just one puncture (on SS18) but the EMI
anti-deflation system worked to enable Burns to again set the
fastest time on the stage.

Pirelli again dominated the Group N podium with Gustavo Trelles
winning from Gabriel Pozzo (both Mitsubishi-Pirelli) and Roberto
Sanchez (Subaru-Pirelli).


1. Burns-Reid (Subaru-Pirelli), 4h10m20.7; 2. Gronholm (Peugeot)
+1m07.4; 3. Makinen (Mitsubishi) +1m31.6; 4. Kankkunen
(Subaru-Pirelli) + 2m22.8; 5. Loix (Mitsubishi) +8m33.6; 6. Solberg
(Ford) +10m59.6; . . . ; 8. (10 Gr.N) Trelles



1. Burns pt.38; 2. Gronholm 24; 3. Makinen 23; 4. Sainz 17; 5.
Kankkunen and McRae 14; 7. Auriol and Loix 4; 9. Gardemeister,
Radstrom, Rovanpera, Solberg 3


1. Subaru-Pirelli pt.54; 2. Ford 31; 3.Mitsubishi and Peugeot 29;
5. SEAT-Pirelli 7; 6. Skoda 5; 7. Hyundai 1

Group N:

1. Stohl pt.27; 2. Trelles 22; 3. Campos 13; 4. Menzi 12.

Next World Champ. event: Acropolis (Greece, all gravel),
June 8-11