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1,600 kms of Fiber Optic Cable for Russian High-Speed Link

Milan, 5 April 2000 – The Russian operator JSC Gaztelecom
has awarded Pirelli Cables and Systems with a major contract for
the supply of underground fiber optic cables for a total length of
over 1,600 kms. JSC Gaztelecom, the telecommunications branch of
Russian giant gas producer Gazprom, has been purposely constituted
for the exploitation of Gazprom’s terrestrial telecom network.
Pirelli’s best-of-breed optical cables have been chosen by
Gaztelecom for the building of the new “Moscow-Berlin” high-speed
telecommunication line – linking Russia and Germany through
Bielorussia and Poland – which is presently under construction and
that should be activated by the end of this year.

The “Moscow-Berlin” link – running along the “Yamal Europe” gas
pipeline – is the first optical communication line to be built by
Gaztelecom, and will soon be followed by the “Blue Stream” project,
a 2,500 kms gasduct that will connect Russia and Turkey, with a 400
kms section to be built under the Black Sea. When both
high-capacity connections will be completed, Gaztelecom will have
an advanced pan-European telecom network spanning from Russia to
Northern and Southern Europe. The high-speed telecommunication link
based on Pirelli’s state-of-the-art fiber optic cables is thus a
first, important step towards the creation of this international
communication net running along Gazprom’s pipeline system.

While confirming the global leadership of Pirelli Cables and
Systems in the communication business, Gaztelecom’s contract also
represents the further strengthening of Pirelli’s fiber optic
cables leading position in the emerging Russian market.

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