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Pirelli, Burns and Subaru extend WRC lead

Lloret de Mar (Spain), April 2, 2000 – Richard Burns and
Subaru-Pirelli have extended their respective World Rally
Championship leads after Burns took his Impreza WRC2000 to a close
2nd place in Catalunya. After one of the most thrilling
competitions in memory, Burns missed victory by just 5.9s. However
this result marks a major step forward for Subaru and Pirelli as it
confirms the great steps forward in competitiveness made on asphalt
in recent months, thanks to the Subaru-Pirelli collaboration.

The Catalunya Rally has been a superb technical achievement for
the latest evolutions of the PZero range of asphalt tyres. In the
heavy rain of the opening day Burns made full use of the N-pattern
wet tyres to establish a lead in the event. Although a mechanical
problem cost him the lead he was able to challenge for victory all
the way to the final stage using the dry weather RP tyre in
compound 5 (Saturday) and softer compound 7 (Sunday).

The World Rally Championship now switches back to gravel for the
next five events, three of which were won by Subaru-Pirelli last
season. Naturally we are feeling very confident that the just
renewed partnership with Subaru will enjoy fresh successes in the
coming months&



1. Burns pt.28; 2. Makinen 19; 3. Gromnholm 18; 4. Sainz 17; 5.
McRae 14; 6. Kankkunen 11; 7. Auriol 4; 8. Gardemeister, Radstrom e
Rovanpera 3…


1. Subaru-Pirelli pt.41; 2. Ford 31; 3. Mitsubishi 24; 4. Peugeot
22; 5. SEAT-Pirelli 7; 6. Skoda 5

Group N:

1. Stohl pt.27; 2. Campos 13; 3. Menzi and Trelles 12; 5. Paasonen
11; 6. Nittel 10. . .

Next World Champ. event: Argentina (all gravel), May