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Pirelli dominates the Safari Rally!

NAIROBI (Kenya), February 27, 2000 – Considered the
thoughest rally of the World Championship, the 2000 Safari event
was dominated by the WRC Subaru Imprezas, but also by Pirelli and
its PZero gravel range of tyres, which monopolized the final
podium. Richard Burns and Juha Kankkunen scored 1st and 2nd place,
ahead of the SEAT-Pirelli driven by Didier Auriol. Pirelli also
scored 6th place overall with Arai’s Subaru and top 3 GrN

Pirelli-fitted cars used for the whole event PZero XR-tread
tyres, which proved their super-competiveness and long-lasting
characteristics even without the EMI anti-deflation system. The XR
choice enabled Burns to score the 114th win of Pirelli in a rally
counting for the World Championship. This result came home without
a single puncture on the two Subarus: considering the extremely
hard gravel racing ground and the very high temperatures, this must
be considered a super technical result, as showed by the many
punctures which slowed down the other cars.

After this superb 1-2-3 result, Subaru-Pirelli now heads the
Manufacturers’ World Championship standing, while Burns and
Kankkunen climbs the Drivers’ one ensuring themselves 2nd and 3rd
championship positions.


1. Burns-Reid (Subaru-Pirelli), 8h33m13; 2. Kankkunen
(Subaru-Pirelli) + 4m37;3. Auriol (SEAT-Pirelli) + 22m44; 4. Sainz
(Ford) +28m18; 5. Solberg (Ford) +31m27; 6. Arai (Subaru-Pirelli)
+44m53; 7. Schwarz (Skoda) +58m58;; . . . ; 9. (10 Gr.N) Menzi
(Mitsubishi-Pirelli) + 2h05m54



1. Makinen pt. 16; 2. Burns 12; 3. Kankkunen 11; 4. Gronholm 10; 5.
Sainz 9; 6. McRae and Auriol 4; 8. Gardemeister and Radstrom 3. .


1. Subaru-Pirelli pt. 25; 2. Mitsubishi 18; 3. Ford 13; 4. Peugeot
11; 5. SEAT-Pirelli 7; 6. Skoda, 3

Group N:

1. Stohl 17; 2. Paasonen and Menzi 10; 4. Trelles and Sanchez 6 . .

Next World Champ. event: Portugal (gravel), March