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Pirelli makes points in the snow

Karlstad, February 13, 2000 – After two days of rallying on
ice and gravel, Sweden finally produced the snow for which it is
famous and Richard Burns was quick to show that, in these
conditions, Pirelli’s PZero tyres are now fully competitive. After
working so hard over the winter it was encouraging to be able to
show this kind of performance improvements, always having used the
PZero J-type tread of tyres, both on Base and Evolution compounds,
and always with very positive results.

Thanks to Burns and Kankkunen (both driving the Pirelli-fitted
Subarus) the Swedish event brought more championship points to
maintain Pirelli’s challenge in both the Drivers and Manufacturers’
World Championships with Pirelli’s favourite gravel events still to
come while Manfred Stohl continues to lead in Group N.

The World Rally Championship moves quickly on to Kenya for the
Safari Rally. Last year Richard Burns was dominating the event
before being cruelly denied a finish and so all the Pirelli drivers
know they can have every confidence in their tyres for the
championship’s most demanding event.



1.Makinen pt.16; 2. Gronholm 10; 3. Sainz 6; 4. Kankkunen 5; 5.
McRae 4; 6. Gardemeister and Radstrom 3; 8. Burns and Thiry 2; 10.
Loix 1


1. Mitsubishi pt. 18; 2. Peugeot 11; 3. Ford 10; 4. Subaru-Pirelli
9; 5. SEAT-Pirelli 3; 6. Skoda 1

Group N:
1. Stohl p.13; 2. Paasonen 10; 3. Trelles and
Pykalisto, 6; 4. Galli and Walfridsson 4; 6. Gillet 3; 7. Maselli
and Ekstrom 2; 9. Popovic and Backlund 1

Next World Ch. round: Safari (Kenya, all gravel) 24-27