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Pirelli at the Daytona 24 Hours race

Milan, February 6, 2000 – The Pirelli-fitted Cadillac
NorthStar had on the last week-end its official racing dibut at the
Daytona 24 Hours race: opening ‘classic’ of the US racing season
and first event of the major circuit long distance racing
international year.

Cadillac and Pirelli together have been immediately competitive:
after 1h30m of the race, the two cars were 1st e 2nd overall. Some
technical problems due to their young age (especially wheel and
transmission weakness) then slowed down the two Cadillacs, but
still the one driven by Wallace was 2nd placed overall, in the same
lap as the Ford leading then.

Under the final flag, the two Cadillacs-Pirelli anyway scored
2nd and 3rd position in the SportsRacing class, behind the overall
winning Ford and thanks respectively to drivers teams
Wallace-Leitzinger-Lagorce and Taylor-Angelelli-Van de Poele.

Everybody, at Daytona, were convinced that if it was not for
their transmission technical weakness, the Cadillacs would have
strongly fighted for the overall win, which went instead to the
Dodge Viper (GTO class) driven by Beretta-Wendlinger-Dupuy. Second
place for the Chevrolet Corvette; 3rd for one more Dodge Viper.

Pirelli can be satisfied with its Daytona. Not only thanks to
the Cadillacs’ performance (the two cars were fastest in the
nighttime race, thanks also to the PZero range of racing tyres
which always proved a very high performance and durability level);
but thanks also to the GTU class win, scored by the Porsche GT3R
driven by Rosa-Rosa-Babini-Drudi. Victory for Pirelli also in
American GT class, with the Camaro of the Comer Racing Team.