Financial Notices

(Updated until the date of listing of Pirelli & C. SpA shares)

22 December Financial Notice of Withdrawal right (41Kb)
23 November Call to the Savings Shareholders Meeting - Available Free number from Italy (52Kb)
14 November Available the Nine Months Report at 30 September 2007 (71Kb)
13 November Convening of Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting (44Kb)
13 November Convening of Savings Shareholders Meeting (75Kb)
8 November Available Information Document Relevant to the Sales of Pirelli Shareholding in Olimpia SpA (72KB)
13 September Available Six-Months Report at 30 June 2007 (72Kb)
Apr06-May07 Annual Information Document (167Kb)
15 May Available Quarterly Report at 31 March 2007 (37Kb)
24 April Annual Report 2006 (37Kb)
20 March Convening of the AGM of the Shareholders (60 Kb)

Last Revised: 26 2009