The information below is a summary of the taxation applying to dividends paid from profits for the financial year received by individual shareholders. Taxation may vary in the case of distribution of dividends from profits for previous financial years and/or the distribution of reserves. Such information is based on Italian legislation and existing agreements between the EU, Italy and other countries. The legislation referred to may be subject to amendment and/or updates with possible retroactive effect. Furthermore, the information shown does not constitute a complete analysis of all applicable tax treatment. For further information please contact to your tax consultant.

Dividends paid in 2015 are entirely derived from net income and are subject to the following taxes:

Tax rates for residents in Italy
(regardless of type of ordinary and savings shares)
Resident with unqualified *
shareholding (not granted in asset management)
26% as substitute tax since July 1, 2014
Resident with qualified*
49.72% of the dividend received counts towards the individual shareholder’s tax base and is therefore subject to their own personal income tax rate.

* Qualified shareholding: shareholding carrying over 2% of the voting rights exercisable in the ordinary shareholders' meeting or exceeding 5% of the capital.

Tax rates for non-residents in Italy
  General legislation Agreement in force between the European Union, Italy and other countries against double taxation **

Ordinary shares/savings

26% as substitute tax since July 1, 2014 Tax rate: from 5% to 25%, with further possible reductions for specific EU residents

** The Convention applies when the reference rate is lower than that provided by general legislation.

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Las Revised: 01 Apr 2015