Board and General Meetings of the Shareholders

13th May, 2013 - Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Pirelli & C. S.p.A.

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Pirelli & C. S.p.A. has been called in Milan, Viale Sarca 214, on 13th May, 2013 at 10.30 a.m. on single call to discuss and resolve about the following items:

Ordinary meeting:

  • financial statements as of 31st December, 2012;
  • appointment of three members of the Board of Directors and/or reduction of the number of the members of the Board;
  • consultation on Group Remuneration Policy;
  • purchase and the disposal of treasury shares.

Extraordinary meeting:

Amendment of articles 7 (General Meeting), 10 (Administration of the Company), 16 (Board of Statutory Auditors) of the Company’s By-Laws and introduction in the By-Laws of article 21 (temporary provisions).

The notice of call, the reports of the Board of Directors and the whole documentation are available, among other, on this section of the web site of the Company in the terms mentioned in the notice of call.

The documentation published after the Meeting is also available below.

Notice of call


Entitlement to attend the Shareholders’ Meeting and vote by proxy

Questions on the items of the agenda

Information relevant to the share capital

Documents post Shareholders' Meeting
Shareholders’ Meeting minutes – 13th May 2013
Summary Report of the Voting
Pirelli & C. SpA:Notice - payment of dividend for 2012
Press Release 13th May 2013

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