Board and General Meetings of the Shareholders

8 November 2011 - Board of Directors
Abstract of the minutes of the Board of Directors meeting regarding the issue of non-convertible bonds dedicated to qualified investors. (101 KB)
Press Release: The Board of Directors approves consolidated financial statements as of 30 September 2011
(103 KB)

21 April 2010 - Shareholders' meeting for approval of financial statements

On April 21, 2011, among the various items is the Agenda, the General Meeting of Shareholders approved the 2010 Financial Statements and decided a dividend distribution of 0.165 euro per ordinary share and 0.229 euro per savings share. It also renewed the Board of Directors and made a few amendments to the Company’s Bylaws.

The Call to the Shareholders’ Meeting, the Directors’ presentations and related documentation are available in this section.

Call to Shareholders' Meeting


Entitlement to attend the Shareholders' Meeting and vote by Proxy

Questions on the items on the agenda

Information relevant to the share capital

Other documents post Shareholders' meeting
Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting minutes (italian version)
Summary report of the voting (99 KB)
Press Release: Pirelli completes voluntary share capital reduction (27 KB)

Last Revised: 28 Nov 2011