IR Policy

Pirelli attributes strategic importance to the financial communication: a fundamental tool to build a relationship of trust with the financial market.

To this end, Pirelli maintains a constant dialogue with analysts and investors (both institutional and individual) through its Top Management and Investor Relations division, promoting transparent, timely, fair and accurate communications, to enable correct assessment of the Group and its assets.

Pirelli uses all the typical tools of financial communication: from conference calls to present its financial results, to one on one meetings between Top Management and analysts and investors; from presentation of its industrial plan to its roadshow in the major financial markets; from the internet to the daily contacts between our Investor Relations division and financial analysts and investors.

It also pays particular attention to Ethical Investors, also because of the high degree of awareness and commitment by the Group to environmental issues, sustainability and social responsibility, which have led to Pirelli's inclusion in the FTSE4Good sustainability indices.

Last Revised: 21 Jul 2014