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On 28th July, Pirelli closed a 6.4 billion euro debt refinancing with a pool of 19 primary Italian and international banks, which include both term loan facilities and revolving credit facility for a total amount of 5.4 billion euro and 1.0 billion euro respectively.

Press Release: Pirelli signs new debt refinancing

The new facilities are senior secured with standard security package for this kind of transactions. Facilities include multi-currency tranches with tenor from 18 months up to 5 years.

Company Type Amount Maturity Covenant
Pirelli & C S.p.A. Term Loan €1.6 bln 2018 - Net Debt / EBITDA

- EBITDA / Net Cash Interest Expenses
Pirelli & C S.p.A.
Pirelli International PLC
Term Loan €1.0 bln 2019
Pirelli & C S.p.A.
Pirelli International PLC
Term Loan €2.8 bln 2021, amortising
Pirelli & C S.p.A.
Pirelli International PLC
Pirelli Tyre S.p.A.
Revolving Credit Facility €1.0 bln 2021

As announced last February, with regard to this operation, Pirelli will not activate the Mergeco Facility put at its disposal by a pool of banks in the context of Marco Polo Industrial Holding’s acquisition offer.

Last Revised: 12 Dec 2016